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As you may have noticed, sending someone to college has been getting harder to do the past few years. With numerous challenges in the way of students and the people around them, tertiary education has drifted further away from the hands of more people. For the students, the academic demands posted by universities have not been getting lighter and this causes their schedules to get tighter as the weeks progress ultimately getting too heavy to shoulder. On the financial side of things, the ones funding the students’ education have their own fair share of concerns as prices for tuition fees and materials continue to increase.

Through the years there have been a lot of people who have opted to just settle for the alternatives to a college education but only the past few years has a specific concept really thrived in the world today. This concept is online education and it has been gaining a lot of attention due to its convenience, practicality and numerous more benefits such as the number of grants for school on can choose from to support his/ her studies. Through online education, students can work for their degree programs by attending online courses as offered by online universities.

Speaking of online universities, the Capella University is one of these schools offering degree programs online. It is an accredited online university offering quality courses to its students which range from certificate to doctorate degrees, and everything in between. They have courses from different fields of expertise such as business, health care and more. Capella University has two online-learning formats differing in pace, pay, and overall setting. The Flexpath format is a pay-per-session programs where you control your own pace of learning while the Guidedpath has its own pace you have to follow and the pay is per credit.

One of the grants for school that Capella University offers is the PhD in Business Management Success Scholarship which has a value of $8000, applied to six consecutive quarters each amounting to $1333. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet the admission requirements of the university and must be enrolled or accepted into a program in the university. A specific grade quota and FASAP mark will be asked of you for also in order to be eligible. Eligible programs include PhDs in Accounting, General Business Management, Leadership, and more.

Apply for the scholarship by heading on to In this webpage you can also view the full requirements of the scholarship and other details you may need in order to consider applying for the grant.

Updated: December 18, 2017 — 7:58 pm


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  1. I would like to get financial assisitance , l\’m in my first year in the college, taking Clinical medicine à course of thèse tsars.

  2. hi .I will appreciate if you sponsor me to study abroad .I want to do computer science I need a financial support

    your response will be highly appreciated.

  3. Please I have got admission to study Bachelor of Information Technology in Ukraine at State University of Telecommunications coming September. I need. scholarships/grants to finance my tuition and accommodation fees.

  4. hi my name is hailemichael kahsay i graduated by food technology and process engineering now i work i in Ethiopia food regulatory body. so i need your help for Msc by related fields.

  5. would u offer students who ar doing engineering and medicine?…..and when the application of this bursaries opens?

  6. I WOULD LIKE YOUR HELP financial as become the big problem ,, Your response will be highly appreciated

  7. Iam somali living khartoum sudan and I need free scholarship for pure and applied chemistry because Iam finished this faculty and I have bachelor degree in international university of africa

  8. I have MBA degree in General Management & I want this Phd program but I don\’t know how to get it.please I need your help.

  9. I need financial assistant.
    I Will like to study health sciences (professional nursing at you university).

  10. I would like to do degree in psychology/counseling as I have diploma in counseling and I have done psychology as one of my modules in counseling.if you have anyone of them please consider my request

  11. Hi, I\’m George wilson from Liberia and one of the poorest country in the world, please give me a scholarship to study physician assistant in your country.
    Thanks as I look forward to you and God blessed you…

  12. I would like to pursue a PhD programme in the field of business management, specialising in the role of corporate governance in the efficient, economic and effective use of public resources.

  13. i need to get a chance of m.phill in computer sceince fully based on schlorship plz accepted i grateful to you

  14. hello, my name Janet from Rwanda I have bachelor\’s degree in applied mathematics. I need a financial support to do masters of mathematics or statistics .please help me if it is possible.

  15. i am from a poor background looking for your assistance with scholarship .. i want to study international law but i am facing financial constrainment .thank you sir

  16. please i m an orphan who needs help i only have a younger sister but after my secondary school i dont have any help hand to foward my studies i will be greatful if u can help me nd may the almighty God bless u….

  17. i am henok webgzier an engineering student please choose in order to learn abroad please in the fields of ict and computer science…

  18. I have received PhD scholarship invitation letter and adimition letter with accommodation and tutution fee free but I need transportation, lap top and pocket money for some facilities to stay in Indian university

  19. Hi, My name is Clotilda Claudia harry from the Solomon islands, graduated in diploma in small business management and leadership and management in south Australia Technical and further Education(Tafe) Adelaide, regency Institute of Tafe.

    Please help me get schorlship to do degree in Human resources and leadership and management. Also Small Buisness management(degree course).

    Please offer me a placement and schorlaship to study degree in above studies.

  20. Hi,, I am Junjun Mobad I want study abroad,, I need your help because I\’m poor I hoping that there is someone offer,, that to give me a scholarship because I really want to finished my study. If who\’s read my comments you can call or message me, in my email or 09388640854.actually my course is Bachelor of Science and Elementary Education.

  21. Hi there I am Antonette Concepcion Isip a grade 8 student hoping to have an international schoolarship abroad. Hope you guys notice me i really want to be in a schoolarship program to lessen the montly payment for my parents. I know if i can be a schoolar that will be a big help for my family and for my education as well…. Thank you for noticing me and thank you for your time.

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