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If you are currently a new graduate and planning to take online college course, but you are hesitant due to financial problems. There are many online colleges who offer scholarships and other benefits like allowances. But let’s say there are also more effective that taking scholarships, another option is applying for student grants whether in the government or in the school itself. Few colleges basically make students to pay for their online college education that are entirely out of their pocket. Even with students that has college savings also not entirely support all the college fees.

The public average for a 4-year college course fees can run up to $20,000 per academic year. Any student that has the right mind even complains with this rate.  A college education is a costly task for those who wanted to pursue, and all these are to be expected that those costs are only going to increase every year.

When preparing for college no financial risks should be ignored, especially when you have a big family. Student grants are the most popular thing to do, and also the most valuable source of financial aid for college. But don’t worry, even if you are planning to take online college course, these grants will also apply. So with the right grants or scholarships, you can make your dreams of a higher education come in reality.

Unlike student loans, student grants do not require payment. Grants are not different from scholarships, but unlike scholarships that are based on merits or needs, grants are only based on needs. So whether you only take one of them as long as you have the capacity and the talent you can always go to either way, not much have to talk about, they are still practically the same. In grants, students must fill out a FASFA to check their eligibility for federal grant programs. Or take a scholarship exam if you are confident.

In case you will pursue student grants, you are literally awarded with free money with no requirements to pay. But also there are grants that can be converted in to a student loan if you fail to meet certain obligations that you are bounded to do.

If you think you are excellent in both academic and athletic field which is required for scholar awards, why not take both, you can also take scholarship programs to higher your chances.

It is not unusual for a student’s college fund to be comprised of some combination of personal savings, family contributions, scholarships, grants and student loans. But as long as you can find the right ways you can always take your online college course for free.

Updated: December 18, 2017 — 7:57 pm


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  1. I am really interested in furthering my education but with the financial constrain I cannot.I therefore solicit the kindness of any agencies,individual or group who will be willing to give me the support to for my education.

  2. I would be very grateful if am consider for such opportunity.Any individual,group or agencies that facilitate the furthering of my education in the field of civic education,report and concept writing.

  3. I am 22yr old single mother from a third world country, Fiji. I studied business management and Human Resource. When I got pregnant, my boyfriend left me and my parents never looked at me the same way again, their eyes always showed disappointment and shame. i asked them if I could continue with my studies but they only laughed at me and said I wasn\’t worth it. I would really like to further my education mainly because I would like to give my daughter a better life away from here and try to provide for her and not be a burden to others. I am tired of hearing them say that my life is over and that I am a disappointment and should just stay home. I refuse to believe that my life ends here, I am determined to make something of myself and prove them wrong. I was Young and foolish before, now I\’m stronger and willing to do anything for my baby girl\’s well-being.

  4. I\’m a teacher by profession and earnestly request for financial assistance to help me further my education.I graduated with a degree in education I.e Bachelor of education arts at Kampala international University. Any assistance offered towards furthering my studies will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

  5. iam a senior six leaver looking for assistance financially to achieve my dreams and goals especially in this corrupt world of ours.
    i want to offer a bachelor of laws

  6. i would wish to further my educations through your most valued scholarship programmes. I opt your path because of financial constraints on my side.
    i welcome your considerations in an homarable way

  7. I am 22years old and would love to further my education in Psychology but due to financial restraint i cannot,I\’ll be honored if i be found worthy by any individual,group or agency to assist me in furthering my education financially.

  8. I would like to study social worker profession but i didnt pass my matric.I dont have funds to make it possible

  9. I am tutor of special needs education here in Tanzania, Patandi Teachers college of special needs Education for seventeen years now, want to further my education basing on Masters in Inclusive education, Research, Policy and Practice , but with the financial constrains i cant solicit it the kindness of individual, groups, agencies and organizations who willing to support me for my education

  10. I am a hardworking young man who is looking for a scholarship to further my education and be versed with international cultures and starndards so as to improve myself. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated

  11. I Am looking for scholarship to achive my dreams. I am so dedicated to my education and hard working but i am not financially strong to pay for my university fees because my parent are not making morethan $50 per month. please i need your help

  12. I want to study abroad, im looking for the scholarship. As i read the blog, on my facebook. I instantly register. I finish my college in PSU but i want to study again. Im hoping that i will pass and accept an scholarship

  13. Am a lady aged 38 and a single mother of four unfortunately the father to my children died. I had began my Bed in Family and Consumer Science in 2009 at Rusangu University in Zambia. I only managed to do about 18 course and could not finish my program due to financial problems after I lost the father to my children. I only have a primary school teacher certificate. I would be very glad if I were to be offered a scholarship or bursary to study.My challenges now are that I can\’t even afford to take my children to school because of less income and even think of upgrading myself.

  14. I am a woman, I have 3 children, my husband is Patients with Parkinson\’s Disease looking for (PH) in energy field, (for example Solar), also I want a Job with my studying.

  15. I am looking for a scholarship to study Masters in Governance and Leadership. I have got my first degree in Political Science for over 10 years and I am In need of scholarship as I have sat for a long time

  16. I desire to secure a chance of studying MBA . However, for almost a year I haven\’t got the opportunity. Much as this is the situation for me, I am relentless in struggling.

  17. Am currently studying PhD in Analytical chemistry at the Bayero university, Kano-Nigeria, am in part three am unable to pay my fee of N190,000.00 as a returning student, the registration is on and will close on the 04th march 2018, please I need urgent assistance to complete my registration. thanks

  18. am looking a scholarship to study a degree in computer Engineering…i can\’t basically afford the tuition fee.
    i really need help


  20. I am looking for schoolership I don\’t enough money please let me Diploma in public administration

  21. I want to pursue a masters program in administration and leadership and I\’m badly in need of support,please kindly help me.

  22. I would really like to study and get a degree in Social- Economic Development to uplift our communities and country. Here is a great need to empower our people.
    I am working in my communities for more than 10 years as a volunteer and has identified opportunities.
    I really would be grateful if I can get a grant to study.
    I have volunteered in various sectors: Health, Youth Development, Safety and Security, Tourism, Economic Development Forum.

  23. Am Isaie from Rwanda,Am with great pleasure for writting this letter as I want to show you my wishes,Iam advanced level certificate so I want to be qualified in bachelor\’sdegree with hons in nursing full looking forward to receiving your feedback.

  24. Hello
    I would like to continue my education, studying in Geographic information system, it will be grateful if I get a financial help.

  25. I am really looking for a scholarship in Electrical and Electronic engineering sector if I even get opportunity to study in your heart country in the level of degree I will be happy because I had completed my diploma and as well graduated even part time

  26. I\’m true deserver of scholarship because I have financial issues I need scholarship for FSC to master in engineering

  27. Thank you for sharing this website. I really need to do further study so please help. If it is possible to study abroad. Tell me what to do.


    Iotita Ioane

  28. poverty is an obstacle to my education. I am a poor Malawian and infact an orphan wishing to complete my education but can not due to financial problems. Would you please help me out of with a full scholarship in computer programming and networking

  29. I will be very happy to benefit from your students grant. I want to study Education Administration at Bsc level. Kindly permit me to continue my academic dream.

  30. am Esther mutunga .24yrs old.needed you to help me further my in a form four leaver and am a orphan and my guardian could not make to cater fees for university.please help me to study technology information and human resources

  31. I am joseph alexander chima aged 23.Currently pursuing indigenous science in Malawi University of Science and Technology. My main point for writing this short document is that am facing a gigantic consequence concerning financial issues. This is due to the sense that my parents cannot afford to pay fees for me since they are too old that i cant even elucidate. Definitely am in first year and always a hardworking student to the extent that if i can be granted the scholarship to study abroad then without any doubt my dream of transforming my country will be come true to the best of my knowledge. Therefore it is my request to grant me a scholarship without any delay since there is a saying strike the iron while still hot so i hope that you will respond me soon and i will always be happy to be granted a scholarship to study abroad hence am looking forward for that.

  32. my name is ousmane elhadj sylla comonly known as ousmane Alhaji sylla i am a high school student i will realy like to continious my education for masters in business management but with financial constrain i cannot i therefore solicit the kindness of any agencies individual or group who will be willing to give me the support to for my edducation please thank you yours best regard is very greatfull thank and God bless

  33. I am a hearing impaired and a student of bible theology seminary kagoro kafanchn kaduna of Nigeria.I am also from a poverty background.I doing my Ba.program in edu/crs.I hve many facing challenge to met the requirement to solution my academically career.pls I need help and support from u sir,if grants and it will be gratefull oh.

  34. I am a graduate awaiting from the university of makeni, northern sierra leone. I am currently writing my dissertation, i am searching for a scholarship for masters in public health.

  35. I\’m a graduate student from in translation French, English and Spanish and also speak Chinese fluently from Buea University. I\’m looking for a scholarship for MASTERS in translation, Marketing, or in the field of comunication to study online. please inform me if there is a great opportunity.

  36. Am a student in Kenya.
    Am applying for scholarship in order to make my dreams come true.
    Focoused I am promiss to work toward my dream if given that chance
    so please consider me.
    Am 18 years old now

  37. Hello I am really interested by this scholarship but I don\’t know really who can support me.
    Thank you for your support.
    Eric Iranzi

  38. hello, my name is Yididya and am from Ethiopia and i would really like to get my first degree ……and reach my goals am very interested on this issue ……so please consider me thank you

  39. hello my name is Soliana am from Ethiopia am looking forward to study aboard and also get my first degree so please consider me on this issue thank you

  40. I am looking for a scholarship for my daughter who will graduate in 2020 from High School in Indonesia. We are not
    American citizens.

  41. I am a student am gonna finish my journalism course at Victoria University,Uganda. I wanted a scholarship to do my further studies in the UK because relating with what my country is facing. Please help and hope my request is granted.

  42. Hello team, I am Rwandan, graduated in quantity surveying and I am begging for masters full scholarship, please help me out

  43. I am a first year PhD student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and I need funding to conduct a research into elephant genetics in Ghana. The research also focuses on the protection of the few populations in the protected areas against retaliatory killing by farmers affected by crop raids

  44. I am a first year PhD student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and I need funding to conduct a research into elephant genetics in Ghana. The research also focuses on the protection of the few populations in the protected areas against retaliatory killing by farmers affected by crop raids. The project intends to disseminate conservation to Communities dotted along fringes of the Protected Areas (PAs).

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