Female Students can Apply for $2500 Grant


Distance learning education is a way of learning without face-to-face contact from the professor. It engages students with learning materials at the comfort of their home or workplace. The emergence of internet and computer/laptop use led to a distinct growth in distantly delivered tuition and studies.

The materials are provided by the college or institution and can be sent directly to the student or via email. The tutorial will be conducted in a virtual learning environment using emails or video calls.

Online college degrees are now becoming a means in pursuing a degree because of different reasons. One reason could be because the student is working as part-time, or they are physically unwell to attend school. Nevertheless, it offers a great advantage compared to traditional classroom programs/settings. It is flexible and these online college degrees let students focus on the skills they want to enhance and not those they are already familiar with.

Another advantage of distance learning education is their affordability. Since there will be no library fees or miscellaneous fees where you have no idea where it came from, online courses are cheaper. You can save up on books and study materials, dormitories, and travelling fares.

Most students don’t look for other opportunities for them to fund their tuition and projects, especially those who are in online courses. Technology is moving fast that’s why education must not be left behind. If you are one of these students and a female, you can try applying at this $2500 scholarship grant.

Worthy, an online luxury jewel auction house, has set up a scholarship grant for female students who are past the age of 30. To be eligible for the scholarship, you just have to be an undergraduate or a graduate student of a continuing education professional studies program at the time of application. Another requirement is that you must submit an essay with about 300 to 500 words. The issue of the essay must tackle empowerment, purpose, or worthy women. There are guide questions in each topic you’ll choose. If you decide to go with empowerment, they will ask you about the time your failure turned into strength. If you go with purpose, they’ll ask you if others’ expectations have ever outweighed your own goals and how you dealt with it. For the worthy women, you’ll talk about a worthy woman in your life and how she influenced you. There are other guide questions for the essay; you can also input any subtopic that is connected to the three major topics.

The chosen candidates will be selected based on their originality and creativity. The winner will receive $2500 scholarship. Luckily, there will be two-runner ups, receiving $1500 and $1000.

Updated: December 18, 2017 — 7:57 pm


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  1. I receive a letter from Berea Tech and Springfield FET which replies my application but I was supposed to pay fees.Unfortunately I haven\’t even a registration feel.I\’m seeking for help.

  2. My name is Nokuzola Peter. I am in South Africa. I am very interested in this blessing of a schoolarship.

    I am a Priest and I would love to continue with my studies. I have a bachelor of Theology from the university of the Western Cape. Please help me to further my studies.

  3. Hi sir i am Jutowo J. Dolo a student at Atlantic International university i need your scholarship assistant to complete study.
    a student at both master and phd in development economic.

  4. need to study more about the world religion, and need these with practical were I can see the worshippers. I can\’t do that here because it seems we have Christianity and Islam as a major religion here. I want to learn more

  5. Hello,
    I am very interested in this article, I have already started my research, can you send me the form and the registration form.

  6. I am Akuonzi Joel from Uganda, I have been admitted for Masters in Climate Change and Development in University of reading in UK in Year 2018/19.

    Kindly seeking for Scholarship
    Akuonzi Joel

  7. Am Deogratias Kahitra From Tanzania , so Am really Interested,,,really i bag Your help for further Studies

  8. Hello ! My name is Chaimae Boutara , i\’m 18 years old , from Morocco , i\’m intersted in having this schoolarship so i can achiever my dreams by studying in a good place .i wish i can have the chance

  9. Hello, my name is Issa from Rwanda and I\’m a high school leaver last year 2017 in PCB (physics,chemistry and biology) with 67/73 aggregates in national examinations , I passed well in spite of hardship and complicated life at my home , I was born in a poor family so that my only mom and I can\’t afford the fee for university , I\’d like to ask for help with this opportunity to pursue either medicine, pharmacy or nursing as it\’s my dream since I was young to help people for better health , I will be grateful if I\’m granted this opportunity, thank you I\’m lookinrg forward to hear from you

  10. I am a student and a workers too but my salary was not enough for my tuition pay.. I need your help…thank you very much

  11. Hello sir …
    I want continue the registration at this scholarship…please give me information about the scholarship and how can i do it . thanks

  12. I am from kenya, a graduate of Moi university in the faculty of economics. (B.A ECONOMICS).I am really interested in furthering my education but limited to financial constraints. kindly assist.

  13. My name is Simon Tulasi Elorm from Ghana, a graduate of Koforidua Technical university in the faculty of Business and Management Studies . (H.N.D. Purchasing And Supply).I am really interested in furthering my education but limited to financial constraints. kindly assist Me. Thanks

  14. I\’m interested to upgrade my educational background in your scholarship.and my name is Chara Negasa.I\’m Ethiopian person.I have Bsc degree in Mathematics from ASTU.

  15. I am much interested in this program but when it come to financially, I am totally poor. please can you help me get scholarship?

  16. Thank you for this great opportunity,i will be grateful if i\’m given this opportunity because i\’m really in need of it.Thanks again.

  17. From my lower classes I have been struggling for fees. Contineous Searching for support made me to land on this page. I always dream for Environmental science or Hort/floriculture,
    But finacially Zero.
    Kindly, aid me to make my dream happen.
    Thanks God bless.

  18. Matched and am waiting your response. Kindly consider me and very much interested for the scholarships. Your the backbone to make me prosper. Though am from a poor family.

  19. I am Ivy Kondowe from Malawi. I need partial scholarship, am a PhD student at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa.

  20. hello am a student and am insterested in your scholarship but don\’t know what to do please i need your help and assistance.Am prudence decasimir from cameroon.thanks

  21. This scheme really helpful for those who we have financial problems to continue university studies. I really need help for my studies dream.

  22. I\’m Bolley Myers. I heard about scholarship since 2weeks ago and i want to a part of it. I just hope you people help me through.

  23. I hereby wish to be chosen as one of the students to be granted a scholarship to study political science and public administration

  24. I\’m Abdullah Mohammed Kromah from the republic of Liberia, I have interested in this and I want do a better study.

  25. I am a student in universty and It is very hard to get tuition at time,which is why I am very interested in this grant opportumity .I am looking forward to a your favorable reply.

  26. Hi hope all is well with you. My name is Mariam Burale from Kenya. I am a diploma holder in Business Administration but due to financial problems am not able to continue with my studies and pursue my dreams. Kindly please help me. Thank you

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