DSW Capstone Scholarship


As the years come by, college education has been getting harder and harder to attain due to numerous challenges plaguing students and the ones funding their studies. The sheer academic load presented by universities combined with suffocating schedules of students has given them a lot to shoulder during the academic year. For the finances, the prices of fees and other materials for school have also been steadily increasing which is why more and more parents or guardians have been rethinking their decisions regarding sending their children to college.

People have responded to these challenges by either enduring them or simply look for other ways in order to reach a college diploma like studying online. Online education is known today as one of the most valid alternatives to college education and was developed as a response to the needs of people for a more convenient way of studying in college. Through the internet, online universities can offer an online college course that students may get and take in order to work for a degree. Aside from its convenience, online universities also have numerous student grants and scholarship offer which you can choose from if you want to lessen your expenses.

The Capella University is an accredited online university that offers these online courses. Being an accredited university, Capella University ensures its students of quality education ranging from certificate courses to doctorate programs and everything in between. Courses also hail from different fields such as public service, nursing, counseling, business, and more. You can avail these courses under one of the two online-learning formats that the university offers: Flexpath and Guidedpath. Flexpath is the learning format which gives you the freedom to have your own pace through 1:1 engegements while Guidedpath is the more interactive one with its own pace that you must follow.

As for its student grants, the Capella University has a lot of offers for its students including the DSW Capstone Scholarship. The opportunity will provide a scholarship amounting to $7500 for Doctor of Social Work students in order to ease their financial burdens. To be eligible for the scholarship you must meet the admission requirements posted by the school and you must be either enrolled or accepted in the DSW online college course of the school. A good academic and FASAP standing will be required of you for eligibility purposes also

To apply for the scholarship, simply head on to https://www.capella.edu/tuition-financial-aid/scholarships-grants/scholarships-new-students/dsw-capstone-scholarship/ and find the apply option below the page. Before applying however, you must first ensure that you submit the online admission application and have completed all the eligibility requirements for the scholarship. Also, the webpage contains the full list of details for the scholarship as well as the ways to contact the people in charge of the processes.

Updated: December 18, 2017 — 7:55 pm


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  1. my name is ararso olkeba ,study sofware enginering now 2018 ,in ethiopia jimma unvercity.
    i want this scholarships .
    i have hope u give me this chance

  2. my name is ararso olkeba ,study sofware enginering now 2018 ,in ethiopia jimma unvercity.
    i want this scholarships .
    i have hope u give me this chance

  3. Am taking a course dip. in civil engineering, and I have fee payment problem. Do you offer assistant to this course? lf yes your help will be of important to me

  4. My name is kanyangemwe Gady am from Rwanda i need a full scholarship to study aviation for i want to become a pilot thanks God bless u .bydway am senior six student I study (MPC)Math,Physics,&computer)

  5. My names are neba Stephani lum.am in my last year of first degree university of buea (country) cameroon and have been following schola

  6. My name is Namutebi Grace a Ugandan national, i hv a diploma in dentistry am i wish to upgrade in pharmacy, and i need a full scholarship in that, i will be grateful if am helped. Thanks

  7. i really need your help to pay for a scholarship which was awarded to me by the International University of Morality in Florida at a cost of US 1,000 GRATEFUL for your support.
    Everytime i apply i can never get thru,please help me.

  8. Hi my name is kaddijatou bw bah I want a scholarship to complete my bachelors degree on accountancy. So any help?

  9. Hi my name is Diyaudeen Tijani I\’m a student in Islamic studies I hope to.purchase my master and I wish I could get a scholarship and some help, thanks.

  10. Am okoro maximus O. Studied Electrical engineering.
    I want this scholarship, I hope to get response soon

  11. Hi,my name is Kingsford Kaku studies
    civil engineering. i plead on your behave for this scholarship and i hope to hear from you soon.

  12. Dear Sir/Madam;

    with Compliments, I herewith write to acknowledge you, that I want to attend your University, but due to financial problem I\’m unable to do so, and even if I have the main to attend your University on a self supporting bases, I will not like to study online, rather I will like to be on campus. Therefore I\’m seeking for a Scholarship to enable me study in your University on the Master & PHDs level, in the area of education.

    I in this light, hope to hear you Sir/Madam Administer.


    John W. Morris
    in Liberia/West Africa

  13. my name is nduwa mukaba am from Zambia please I need help with paying my fees I really need this scholarship to study environmental healthy.can u assist me.

  14. Dear Sir/ madam:
    I am a Liberian residing in West Africa. I obtained my first degree in Sociology and public Administration but due to some financial constrained am unable to continue my educational sojourn. I could like to be consider should there any scholarship opportunity to study on campus at your university. thanks in advance.

    Respectfully submitted

    Truly yours,

    Johnny W. Swen

  15. Dear sir/madam,

    I am a Malawian and a holder of Diploma in Law General Principles perecentage grade scored 78% Distinction and am applying for full scholarship to study online bachelors Degree with your University.

    Good day

    Deftale Kabvuma

  16. will be glad to be offered a chance to further my education with this scholarship …thanks and counting on your kind consideration

  17. My name is Anesu Sinamai from Zimbabwe.. I attain 13points on A level last year ,my wish is to have a scholarship so that I will able to continue my studies .

  18. Hello am dancan angira a student at catholic university of eastern Africa and am really in need of this grandfund son that. I can complete my degree Am a student in the school of education science taking physics and chemistry

  19. Iam Mr. amos msanga, requesting for support of College fees if possible electrical tools. I am going to join with Mbeya university of scince and technology (MUST) taking diploma in Electrical and electronic engineering. Please help me.
    P.O.Box 143, Ludewa Tanzania.

  20. Im Etimbuk Timothy Samuel, I Need A Scholarship To Study Banking & Finance At University Of Benin, Nigeria

  21. Hi I\’m Kalabwa Gideon,have got a diploma in primary teaching and am looking forward to upgrade to bachelor\’s degree in mathematics. May you kindly assist me on this please and I will appreciate for your help.

  22. Hello good people out there. I require a push financially to further my education and granting me scholarship opportunity is the only way out.

  23. My name z Ruvarashe l am from Zimbabwe l currently finished my high school with best grades bt l hv financial problems bt l need to study law.l really appreciate if u help

  24. I m shakeel ahmed i live in pakistan and study of 2nd year please give me one chances of scolarship bachlear level

  25. Please I really need this scholarship it has been my dream but because of financial problems I haven\’t been able to achieve my dreams I really wish you can help me thank you

  26. Dear sir,madam,
    I am called clement twagirumukiza i live in Rwanda country and i finished senior six education but please give me chances by offering me scholarship to continue my studies, i need to study international economics. Thanks for yours good replys!

  27. I am in Zambia and would like to study an advanced level in human behaviour or a Master\’s Degree in Early Childhood Learning. I hold a B Ed in Guidance and Counseling. . Is it possible to access this scholarship to study with Walden University where i applied but failed to start due to financial constraints?

  28. J ss vraiment ravie de voir l\’annonce et j\’aimerais être l\’un des bénéficiaires j\’attend avec impatience

  29. my name is meswait asrat and now i am a last year Msc student
    ,so i want to precede my Phd if u give me this scholarship .

  30. My name is graciam ngwira from Malawi a student studying business management and I need a full scholarship please assist me

  31. Hi, my name is Nosisa Dlamini from South Africa , studied Electrical Engineering. i need the scholarship to further my studies and hoping you can help me out…can\’t wait to start the program..Regards

  32. Hy I am lesley moyo from Zimbabwe I need scholarship to study fabrication engineering can you help me to fulfill my dream thank you

  33. i am Raymond Dusabimana with bachelors in public administration and good governance i am willing for studying masters but non ability otherwise i would like to beg scholarship i am Rwandan.

  34. have completed s.6 last year doing PCB/SUB-MTC am requesting for scholarship abroad, am a Ugandan.
    I want to study bachelor in human medicine & surgery .

  35. Have completed S.6 last year 2017 doing PCB/SUB-MTC and I got 10 points. I kindly request for scholarship abroad in bachelor of human medicine and surgery, I know I will make it when given the chance because I have my dream to be the best doctor in the world

  36. i am interested in applying for scholarship to complete my bachelor of business administration

    keiren Samuels


  37. hi good day my name is Vernon due plessis i have a wife and 2 daughter I\’m married exactly 1mouth and 1 week.yesterday was my last day at work,I was retrence so plz give me a chance to study mechanical engeneering plz.

  38. Dear David,
    My name is Benjamin Nyirenda from Malawi,my child has been selected to attend secondary school at HHI(Henry Henderson Institute) but due to financial problem i cannot affort to pay school fees so please i plead with you to assist in sponsoring the child.
    Looking forward for your assistance.

  39. This is Tsegay Gebremedhin. I have Two degrees: economics and Mathematics, and MBA. I want to study a PhD on business administration and related fields. would you help me?

  40. I am Kassie Temesgen from Ethiopia. Now I am attending MA program in Jimma University. I need further education in Business administration so, would you help me please?

  41. I Am Belisa Mohammed Aliyi I Am from Ethiopia.
    you have hardware network service.
    request computer science please help me scholarship ?

  42. Am really interested in could you please consider me on fully funded scholarship if posible, to do any engineering course since I studied electrical engineering technology at the college and I can take civil engineering too.

    Thank You

  43. Am wodelo wycliff from Uganda,, I am interested in this scholarship,, I want to do masters in microbiology,, I did bachelor\’s in biological sciences biology and chemistry,, waiting for your postive response,, thanks

  44. Am Mehiret Demem from
    Ethiopia,, I am interested in
    this scholarship,, I want to
    do masters in Highway or Railway,,
    I did bachelor in Civil engineering,, am waiting for
    your postive response,,

  45. My name is Acurate Nyikayaramba I need a scholarship in degree of social work. and I would like to study abroad .Thank you for you consideration

  46. My name is Nyengeterai Chipunza i am an undergraduate .I am in need of Scholarship.Thank you very much for your consideration.

  47. My Name is Abayneh Alta from Ethiopia. I received a 20% tuition reduction from Walden University to study Doctor Degree in Business Administration. Due to the high exchange rate of US dollar in Ethiopian Birr ($1=27.969ETB) and lack of other opportunities to support my studies at Walden University, currently, $46,751 a bursar hold placed on my account balance prevented me from registration. You can kindly help with any amount you have. Thank you and May God bless every hand that supports the needy.

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