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Nowadays sending someone to college has become one of the hardest tasks to accomplish due to the numerous constraints hindering the ways of many people. For students the, sheer academic stress has been enough to push some of the kids to their breaking points as demands for school continue to clog their schedules leaving nothing for them. For the parents on the other hand, the financial demands of college have been no joke and have even forced a lot of people to rethink their paths towards getting a college diploma.

As a response to these challenges, numerous people have decided to search for alternatives in order to pursue their college education and one of the most common ways of doing so is through online degree programs. The concept of online education is something that has gained familiarity in the world today as a convenient and efficient way of getting a college diploma. With its numerous benefits, distance learning degree programs quickly rose to fame as people patronized online schools for its flexible schedules and various offers for student grants.

The American Sentinel University is one of the accredited online universities out there that you can apply for. Being an accredited online university by different accreditation organizations, ASU assures its students of quality education. Although it specializes in the field of health care, ASU also has other more courses you can choose from. These degree programs are there to help you reach your goals and the school supports that with its 24/7 student support services, and other more programs. Being an online university, the school has flexible schedules as well as numerous scholarship offers like the Expertise in IT Scholarship.

The Expertise in IT Scholarship is one of their student grants that lower the tuition rate for courses to $450 per course, all in all totaling to saving amounting to $2340. The scholarship is open for ASU’s new business students who are eyeing on the various Master’s courses at the university. In order to be eligible for the scholarship the student must have five or more years of work experience in the field of IT or anything related to it such as Information Management. The scholarship is applicable for the following courses: MBA Health courses, M.S. Business Intelligence and Analytic and M.S. Information Systems Management.

To get more the programs details and find out more on how to formally apply for the scholarships, visit In here you can simply fill out the form below in order to request more information and inquire about the school, the scholarship, and other more matters. Other ways on how to contact the school can also be seen in the website.

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  1. I actually want to farther my studies the only problem is that I have no cash to pay. I have passed matric 2005 and after I took short courses and I now recently started to coordinate an NPO which I also struggle with it. I wanted to study IT but I understand I might not qualify, but education and law are some of the things I\’m interested on. If you guys can help me pleas do help. I am willing to study but I have no one to help with financial assistance. If you would like to contact me here are my contacts 0636220295 and I\’m in South Africa. If possible I would love to start study this year.

  2. I am desperately need this scholarship ,my family is poor so if I got this scholarship I will make a huge difference at home

    yours sincerely

  3. Hello I want to study in USA, but due to the lack of money I can’t reach my target, Could you help me in this field?

  4. I really want this schalorship to further my studies abroad, becuz i am a child from poor back ground, if accepted i promise to do my best. but I know with God all things are possible.

  5. I am Millicent, I have done my first degree in Business and Information Technology and I want to do further/advanced studies out of my country, but I don\’t have the finance or support. I am please asking that you help me with a scholarship that can allow me achieve my goal. If I\’m granted this opportunity, I will be the most happiest woman and I promise to do my very best by the special grace of God.

    Thanks in advance

  6. I am Ethiopian and peruse to get my MBA in Economics with your scholarship program if you permit me for free scholarship thank you!

  7. My name is Darius from Liberia, I`m from a low life family and have always dream of persuading Bsc in computer software management.

  8. my name is Fahima ,I¨m from Djibouti .now i am learning the first level in the Universite of my mather country but i want to learn the reste of my hight knowledge in Canada to get a good education and a hight degree so please help me .thank you

  9. am Alexander nyirenda I came from malawi
    I passed my malawi school certificate of education in 2011. bt I don\’t have access to persuade my studies due to financial status.

  10. Sir with all my due respect and honour please help me to find this scholarship am really need help to accomplished my study and am willing to work very hard ,Thank you

  11. I am shee very intrested in studying marine engineering certificate course in kenya mombasa at bandari very much in need of help.i will be very thankful even when i get a quarter of the fees.the charge 125thousand kenya shillings per year.plese help .thank you.

  12. Am Brian in Uganda
    I welcome any financial assistance rendered to me to realize my dream of a bachelor\’s holder in social work and social administration

  13. I\’m burundian Medical Doctor (general practictionner),I\’d like to be a surgeon one day,unfortunately means make me flow.If you should help me to realise my dreams ,I\’l be very thankful.

  14. I wish to forward my education, please allow me to make use of this opportunity.
    I am john Singbae, II from Liberia.

  15. I really need this scholarship because my parents could not able to spend money for my further studies..but I want to study for my future

  16. Am currently studying electrical engineering my dream was to study in USA I normally struggle to pay my fees for daily work am from poor background my parent are pastoralist my future is to become an engineer am look forward to u respond than for u concern

  17. Hello how are you hope well
    My name is laila abdikadir omar
    I am ophan girl
    My dad already die
    I dont have any one can help me
    I need full schoolarship in canada
    Faculty of medicine
    Please could u help me

  18. Hi,im Ella,hve matric,wish t study towards a degree in medical,that has alwys been my dream of becoming a docter,i find it very difficult to study,i hve a poor background and only a father as the breadwinner inda house,my mothr is unemployed,so their cant afford it to pay for my studies,in order to futher my studies in medical,i need financial help please,here is my cntact details 0787840624/,and im from South Africa

  19. My dream is to become an engineer and I really want to study it abroad but due to luck of money am unable to do it…have cleared my G12 level and have cleared it.. Please help me

  20. I really want to further my education in criminal justice but I don\’t have money to pay,is the any way you people can help us?I really want to further my studies..

  21. I am Richard Kabuye aged 42 from Uganda I hold a diploma in public administration and management . I have been sponsoring my education since my primary days. My dream is to complete at least a bachelors degree but I cannot fulfill my dream because I am now meeting school fees for my children .Can you help?

  22. My name is mahlatse Boshomane I do like to get scholarship the reason being that I do not have money to persuade my studies and l passed my matric 2015 please contact me on this number 0727383039

  23. Im Prince Sayritan from Bicol Philippines and my family belong to low class status and im desperately in needs to pursue my last year on my technical teacher profession

  24. I wish to forward my study in engineering, so support is necessary to me coz, I\’ven\’t fund which can help mevto get my dream for became Engineering.
    Thanhs so much!!

  25. am in need to get scholarship somebody to sponsored me and i will be happy so that i will continue with engneering

  26. I\’m Jonathan from Zambia wishing to enhance the level of Education upon my career. I wish to peruse automotive engineering or mechanical engineering. Your responce towards a scholarships offer will be life changing and highly appreciated

  27. L would love to further my education and be of great help and make a difference in the community .This scholarship will play an important role in achieving my goals.A positive respond will be greatly appreciated.Thank you

  28. I am tadael maru from Addis ababa university currently I am 4th year biomedical engineering student and also I was college graduated in biology so now if I get opportunities I want to study or upgrade my field please help me

  29. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Iam from South sudan and I have a Diploma in Human Nutrition from Cornell University and I would like to apply for Bachelor degree in the same field but I lack financial support from my parents.
    I really want to study abroad in Australia or any country but I do not have the financial means to cover all the expenses.
    I will be very please to if you help me out of this situation.
    Many thanks,

  30. i wished to further my school but have no money to do so and waiting for God to make same way and i think this is the way and time

  31. Am Jeans Rogers from Uganda, I kindly apply for a scholarship. I currently poses a degree in social work and would like to go for a masters. I will be grateful if considered.

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