Blatta Family Triumvirate Scholarship

Numerous challenges have changed the face of college today. With the workload for academics continuously increasing and the schedules of classes getting tighter, more and more students have been reconsidering their options on whether to pursue college or not. On the other hand what worries their parents or guardians the most is the price that comes with college as the tuition fees and other finances for college are getting higher. These obstacles together with other more challenges are the main reasons why college has gone out of reach for a lot of people.

As a response to these circumstances, one specific alternative for college has emerged to become one of the best options into conveniently and efficiently earning a degree. The concept of online education has been on top of the list of college alternatives as it offers numerous benefits to its students. Through this, students can work for distance learning degrees by attending online classes offered by online universities. These online schools have been embraced by the people as it offers them easier accessibility to their subjects and a lot of student grantsto choose from.

The Dallas County Community College is one of the accredited online universities you can apply for. It has a seven network college supported by its own foundation, the DCCCF or Dallas County Community College Foundation. DCCCD’s colleges are the following: Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake, and Richland. Their courses may range in variety and in type as these subjects may be in sciences or the arts, and from undergraduate degrees to associate ones. Easier accessibility is offered by these classes as they can be attended to by using any device that can connect to the internet.

As a part of its numerous offers of student grants, the Blatta Family Triumvirate Scholarship is a $156 grant for students in Brookhaven College. In order to be eligible for this specific scholarship, you must be at the sad college taking up Major in Childhood Development. A minimum of 3 hours at DCCCD must be completed and in order to apply, you must answer a given set of supplemental question. The scholarship can dunf up to three credit hours on the in-district tuition rate.

For the complete list of application deadlines, details, and requirements, visit DCCCD’s site at In the same page you will be able to access other more scholarships offered by the school as well as other distance learning degrees.

Updated: December 18, 2017 — 7:55 pm


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  1. Am happy to recieve your email. Am JOHN from KENYA and am interested in furthering my education to a higher level. Am a Diploma holder in Education and i need to get a devree with you. My problem is funds am poor and i cant educate myself.

  2. Thankx for this apportunity,my names are sunday chanda from zambia, i want to study in china I will greatfui to hear frm you

  3. Sandra Koomson is my name. Happy to receive your email.Would love it if I get your assistant to continue my schooling. I\’m having financial difficulty.

  4. thank you for sending me this information my name is Osman Aldouma, from Darfur – western Sudan> i need to scholarship to start my PhD study , because it of difficultly for me to own much money for PhD

  5. Charity Wandia are my names and I\’m from Kenya currently pursuing biomedical science and technology.
    My main challenge is raising fees for my education since I\’m an orphan living with my aging grandparents.
    Your help will mean a lot to me.

  6. Hi am Maureen, am a diploma holding nurse but would love to further my studies and do a degree in radiology. I hope to be considered, thanks.

  7. my name is irene and i am a diploma holder in community development.i would love to earn a digree but i have no money or someone to help please assist me and God will bless you

  8. Hi my name is Enyia Wilfred .o. I am a Higher National Diploma(H N D) as mechanical Engineering, but really need to do my masters, so, I need your financial assistance.

  9. Am happy to be selected among your students please give me the opportunity to change my education status with this free gift scholarships grants I really relied on its

  10. Am happy for your email reply because my dream come true and also i would like to study in your university because it\’s the best university in the world thank you

  11. the scholarship is good and am happy to hear from you always am also wiling to continue with my studies given chance in any university in united states of america that offers the course of my choice, that is bachelor\’s degree in aviation management/ aviation security.

  12. Hi,
    My name is Joseph Mulbah Kpadeh, l am a Liberian. I am interested in furthering my education and I\’m hopeful for a very timely response

  13. Nakazi Aisha is my name. Happy to receive your email.Would love it if I get your assistant to continue my schooling. I\\’m having financial difficulty.

  14. Hey..i am irfan from pakistan .I have got master degree in education from pakistan. So I want p.h.d degree on scholarship.please help me

  15. I am Samuel Kambay from Sierra Leone, West Africa… I receive a mail few weeks ago and it\’s nice to know that Finical constraints are not barriers for someone to achieve education so on that note am seeking scholarship to further my studies here… Thanks

  16. I\’ve always dreamt of studying out of my country, this is like a dream come true this opportunity really brings joy to me i am so grateful if it

  17. l have been always a kind of person who wish to change my life ,l believe that tomorrow must be greater than today .This is because of my mothers wish that l thrive to accomplish what unfortunately she failed to acquire and to become .l think this is a great opportunity for me to change my life .Thank you for the concern of young children\’s education .They say compassion for the weak and the little Ones is a sign of greatness .Thanks you for the email

  18. Giving young children this kind of opportunity ,will always motivate us to thrive for excellence .Thank you for the concern of young children\’s education .Thank you for the email

  19. Thank u for this opportunity, my names are Eze Eberechukwu Joy am interested in ur scholarship, I want to do my degree am a Nigerian

  20. Hi sir,

    So grateful for the information and invitation.

    My name is Clotilda Claudia harry from the Solomon islands, a developing country in the South pacific in the Asia Pacific region.

    Gratuated with Diplomas in leadership and mangment and small business management in Australia in 1994, I served for 13 years in law Enforcement, management duties and still easily with family Business if marketing at a small scale at the moment for family welfare surport.

    Since still serving in the law Enforcement in my country, I\’m interest in studying Leadership and Human resource management at a degree level to improve my modern skills and knowledge in management. I believe in further studies will assist me much to do my work efficiently and to the highest level of expectations in Law Enforcement which is expected of my by my country and people and this is my passion to serve my country to bring peace and harmony to my nation all the times in future after being through an Ethnic Tension that after wards my country demands law and order to its highest level.

    By doing a degree in Human Resources management, afterwards, I would contribute greatly to the Exercutive Decision making in fields of Huamn resources management in the Ministry I served in to the best of Decision making that needed geat attention to for betterment of the Force.

    Please help me secure a scholarship in this field(Degree in Human /resources management) and Dual in business management(Business legal Advisor) beside my first job which many people needed me to advice them on certain matters regarding the livelihood of Business failures and survival.

    Please I need a scholarship and I really mean this.

    Kind regards,

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry

  21. My name is Timna Nofemela I\’m doing my matric and finishing it in June I want to study hospitality/business admin. I\’m looking fora bursary/scholarship. Can someone please help me.

  22. Hello dear ,I\’m mbabazi Desire a single mother of 4 children .I would need your help over my children s studies.I have managed to push my first born to high school .now looking for the younger ones and they also reach there .but now I used to work but now I don\’t have a job to push them .I\’m a Ugandan

  23. my name is oladipo Sodiq oluwatoyin. I have in civil engineering but want to pursue my MSc. in civil engineering. I\’ll b very grateful if u can help me secure a scholarship

  24. My name is Oguntunmise Marian Ayodeji. I am a Nigerian and i wish i am given this opportunity to study abroad.
    Best Regards

  25. hello
    am a girl of 24yrs from Ghana and I would be grateful if u could grant me your scholarship to continue my studies because I don\’t have any support. I want to be a midwife so please help me.

  26. Hello am Edwin From Uganda, I would like to upgrade my studies but I don\’t have any support

  27. I need a scholarship to complet my studies in your universty doing nursing. I look forward to hearing from you!

  28. I\’m very happy to be apart of this great opportunity…
    I want to upgrade my studies but I\’m unable due to financial support.. I\’m hoping to be apart of this program.

  29. Hey. My name is Luyando sianyeuka and I\’m from Zambia. I want to study aeronautical engineering and I am kindly asking for your help by granting me a scholarship.

  30. the scholarship is good and am happy to hear from you always am also wiling to continue with my studies given chance in any university in united states of america that offers the course of my choice, that is bachelor\\’s degree in a boy of 22yrs from Ghana and I would be grateful if u could grant me your scholarship to continue my studies because I don\\’t have any support. I want to be a Doctor so please help me.

  31. I am very happy to rate this expencive chance that the world give as and i hope to be member of the schollershipp students thanks all of u
    I am yaer 2003 5//17

  32. I am happy to receive your email. Am Mohamed R.Sesay from Sierra Leone and i am interested in furthering my education to a higher level. My problem is funds am poor and i cant educate myself.


  34. Am Henry Emmanuel from Nigeria, I am grateful for this opportunity.. I pray God will further my education in any university across the region.. With u.. Amen.

  35. Thank you so much for your acceptance I really appreciate it. I really want to pursue my MBA life been very thoughtful with me n my parents I need your help

  36. Hi. this is Tayyab Kamal. Students of m phil (applied linguistics).it will complete within three months.i want to Phd from abroad.i need your help in the form of schlorship. I shall be very thankful to you

  37. Hello ,m\’y name ils Djarma Hassane.I am from Chad.I am a graduated student .I had studied Bachelot degree in Aeronautics and graduated in 2015 and now willing to continue master dégréé.Please help me get sholarship .Looking forward for replying please

  38. Im so thankful that there are some kind of this scholarship taht giving an oppurtunity to every student who are truly want to study and to make a better future . Hoping that Im giving a chance to be part of this program. Godbless!

  39. hello am Douglas Jeremiah from Kenya with bachelor\’s degree in agriculture extension and education, l really want to further my master\’s degree in the USA but am lacking funds for the same ,,how can l get the scholarship and funds to study in the USA

  40. I\’m Maren Sihlangu, I received your email, I\’m willing to further my studies but I\’m struggling financially. I\’m asking you to help me to further my studies

  41. Hi i am JOSEPH K F JORKEAH JR from LIBERIA. i have a Degree in general Agriculture from the University of Liberia. i want to continue my education in the area of Agriculture Extension but no money. i need a help to further my studies please.

    thank you
    Best regard
    +770242455 / +886597703

  42. .I am from Chad.I am a graduated student .I had studied Bachelor degree in General Agriculture and graduated in 2017 and now willing to continue my master but no money to continue. Please help me get scholarship .Looking forward for your reply please.


  43. hi, sir i\’m farida ahmed frm pakistan.. i received ur mail thank u fr this kindness,, i\’m a pre medical student fsc1.. i want study in a good institute, kindly plzzz help me to get the scholarship.. thank u.

  44. i kindly request to be supported from my home country Uganda very much interested in pushing on my studies but i have no financial support. thank you very much. i have a diploma in medial laboratory techniques

  45. Hi, am zemorah fron a small country St Vincent where educated people like me need the help to futher there studies to help them self , I hope to hear from you

  46. hi,am in tanzania happy to get your assist in widening my education,especial in the phd studies in mathematical modeling,am waiting to hear from you

  47. Heloo, i am a first year Persuing physical Science in Kenya.It would be great if I get some asstance from you due to in avoidable circumstances such as funds and also lecturer strikes which tend to harden the learning period.

  48. I\’m fadumo from somalia I really need to get this opportunity cz I wanna be educated but I have problem which is I can\’t afford to pay my education so plz help me

  49. My name is Kuena Marumo from Lesotho,I would very much appreciate to be given an opportunity to study,howeverI only have 29 years work experience in Labour relations,and no qualification,if possible I would solicit your assistance along those lines

  50. I am Cho Roland from Cameroon, I hold a bachelor degree in biochemistry since 2000 and I wish to do masters in biomedical sciences, but there are no funds, canu help me with a scholarship please

  51. yes, I need this opportunity. I need student visa to came your country for business study. please give me student visa.

  52. Am Theresa Muchimba from Zambia and i have a secondary teachers diploma . I need a scholarship for bachelor\’s in education field of language (English/literature )

  53. I will highly appreciate if afforded this scholarship because my greatest fear is how to get to College.

  54. I\’ve been receiving tunes of emails lately ,saying that I\’ve been granted a bursary to study wherever I want ,but I feel emails alone ain\’t enough to make me have that conviction that I\’ve been certainly granted a bursary if not a scholarship. Hit me with something real cause I\’m dying of curiosity. I really need it .

  55. I am ayub
    I am really interesting but need your financial assistance please waiting for your assist
    Thank u
    For your email

  56. Hello please am requesting for scholarship please us me and my bro we are looking for rugby scholarship in high school and college
    please help us

  57. I wish to study forensic accounting. I have a bachelors of commerce degree with majors in accounting. Please assist me. I wish to study full time. My prayer is to get a scholarship to study in Taiwan.

  58. Am coming from Tanzania,,I would wish to be granted with this scholarship for my bachelor degree in law..Thanks!!

  59. Hello I am really in need of this scholarship i am a Master Degree holder in Ports and Shipping Administration and I wish to go in for a PhD Will be happy to hear from your please

  60. Iam receiving mails from you saying that you granted me scholarship to study MA Education , but I don\’t know what to do next , pls am in need of this scholarship.

  61. Hi am Winnie Achieng from Kenya. I finished my secondary education in 2011 and got a grade of C. I haven\’t got a chance to go college since i didn\’t have anyone to help me raise school fees. I\’ll be glad if you give me this opportunity am really in need of it. Thank you

  62. my name is jemal saleh seid I have BA degree in business management so i need to upgrade for masters program any management related field so i need financial support I am from the needy people with low standard living so i need your help please

  63. Good day Sir,
    My name is Matoch Makur, relocating to Juba, South Sudan with Diploma in Human Nutrition from Cornell University. Iam looking for fully-funded scholarship to study abroad and attain bachelor degree in one of Australian University.
    So I hope my dream would be reality soon through your scholarship programme.
    Many thanks,

  64. Hi, I\’m a second year science student doing my bachelor\’s in science and technology at the University of Goroka Papua New Guinea. I\’m so much interested and eager to grab a scholarship to continue my studies with your help in going whole process and financial aid.
    Thank you so much.

  65. Hello, I am ADANE from Ethiopia holder of BA Degree In foreign language and literature. I would like to advance my studies in the level of MA Degree in the field of international relation. Thank you in advance for your kind and fruitful cooperation.

  66. Hi , im fathiya from tanzania , im 21 yrs i want the opotunity to gate a scholaship in order to increase my knowledge and to improve my life , Pls give me the chance,

  67. Thanks for this lucyanne,a Nigerian. I will be so glad if you could help me pursue my dreams by this scholarship. Thanks

  68. I am an undergraduate student; studying Information Technology (IT) at the Starz College of Science and Technology in Liberia.
    My wish is to pursue my BSc at a higher institution of learning.

  69. hi am griffins from kenya a standard eight student looking for abursary please i have asingle mother who is jobless so i stay with my grandparents help me achieve my dreams i have to join form one in january 2019 without funds i will be forced to stay at home.

  70. Hi, my name is Delite Ntombi Tshabalala. I would love to study in the year 2019, please fund me. I got a Diploma pass and took 2 gap years volunteering to do community service and helping children with their homeworks as part of Mould Empower Serve program. Please consider my application, I would really appreciate your help.

  71. Hi, am james torit ibon from south sudan interested in studing information technology thats my wish and dream, i have to struggle hard to achieve it.thanks

  72. Thank you so much for this golden opportunity I appreciate alot my name is Anthony lawrence am from Nigeria ..looking forward to study medicine in China because I want to achieve my dreams and without me studying medcine my dreams cannot come to pass and I choosed China because for me the have the necessary facilities and equipment used for medicine students abroad I solicited for your support to please accept me in other to achieve my dreams and take my country Nigeria to a greater heights. ….

  73. Am Anthony lawrence from Nigeria want to study medicine if given the opportunity And I firmly choose China because for me the have the basic equipment and facilities for medicine all over the world …

  74. Am hadiza from Nigeria I have bsc in economic education and I want to continued my education I have gotten my admission here in Nigeria for my masters degree but I don\’t have money to educate my self. Please I need your assistant.

  75. Am a graduate with certificate in Primary School Teaching.In need to further my education to attain Bachelor\’s degree in education but cannot afford to pay my fees.Kindly requesting for your assistance.

  76. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am a Zambian, male and aged 38 years. I have been offered a place for a part time PHD programme in Civil Engineering at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal.

    The studies are scheduled to commence in February 2019.

    I wanted to know if I am eligible for a scholarship under your facility and the needed requirements. If not then kindly assist me with links for scholarships that I qualify for.

    Attached is a copy of my acceptance letter.

    My regards,

  77. I wish to thank you for this privilege and all i am hoping for is the way through to this encouraging and exciting opportunity.

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