An Accredited Online University Sponsors $500 Scholarship Grant


For obvious reason, you want to get a degree which you can use for work purpose. An accredited education institution will help you land a job and start a nice career. Sadly, there are online education providers that failed in this category because they are not accredited. Their issued certificates will not give you a bearing in the working place. Thorough research will help you avoid this pitfall. You can also check the recommendation of your friends who are very familiar with online education courses. Include our website as your source of legitimate online education courses recommendation.

Another reason to go for accredited online universities is the quality of the instructors and course program. They only hire graduates and well-experienced teachers. Their course manual was created to aid the students in learning the course quickly and effectively. The technologies that they use are only the best and the most advanced in the field. At the end of the online degree program, you are ensured that you have learned fully and can apply the concepts, fundamentals, strategies and techniques in the working place.

Next, they can offer a degree program that is affordable. They don’t rely on their online education programs because they have a “physical” school which is still the highest accepted form of education medium. It’s like online education is just an additional program that they have. Also, they want to explore this newest form of education medium. Years from now, online education can boom just like what happened to Apple technology. From a qwerty pad mobile, now people went head over heels with iPhone. From this insight, we can say that Education keeps on reinventing as time goes by.

Furthermore, accredited online universities have the money to support students who deserve scholarship grants. They are not like a start-up company who comes and goes. They receive sponsorships from many companies and alumni. The University of Minnesota Crookston is one of the few schools that offer online programs for everyone. Moreover, they also offer scholarship grants worth $250 – $500 annually. Select from their popular online courses namely health management, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, agriculture, sports-related courses etc. To know more about this great opportunity, visit the university website. Check out the requirements as early as now so you can have a great chance of receiving the scholarship grant.

Take advantage of this scholarship grant so you can save more for the future. Achieve that financial freedom that you are hoping for by applying for online education grant like this. For those who just can’t find ample time for their education because they need to work and provide for themselves, this is your chance to work, study and do other extra activities to balance your life.


Updated: December 18, 2017 — 7:54 pm


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  1. For so many years, I have been seeking for a fully-funded International Student Scholarship to afford me opportunity to further my post graduate studies in the United States. Frankly speaking I will not relent cause I have a very strong
    conviction that one fine day God would answer my prayers.. I am seeking for a scholarship to study education courses especially in the area of School Administration

    It is my pleasure to hearing from you again..
    Sincerely yours,
    Harrison T. Gedeo

  2. Is It true about what u are people are telling me. Anything u sent the message and I want to register I cannot

  3. I have passed my matric and I didn\’t apply I would appreciate if I get offered a bursary to further my studies as my family can\’t afford to pay for my studies and I\’m willing to follow nursing as my first priority and teaching as second opinion ,with all due respect please help me

  4. Iam applying for a free scholarship to Chine to study public policy.Iam unable to sponsor myself due to family hardships.

  5. Yes I want this opportunity to study especially health sciences. I am from Uganda and devoted to seeking knowledge and helping others in any way I can

  6. I am a Kenyan student pursuing a diploma in computer science. I would like to ask for your help in paying my school fees and also to fund my course during the degree program. thank you so much.

  7. i love education so much but funds limit me at university.i would be glad for a scholarship for further education.uganda

  8. Hi,i need any one who can sponser my education.I have been selected to study bachelor of science in public health at the university of livingstonia in Malawi

  9. Hi,i need any one who can sponser my education.I have been selected to study bachelor of science in public health at the university of livingstonia in Malawi

  10. I would also like a sponser since i need to study in Sciences per cer especially dental therapist,nursing or any other.I would be glad if the sponour choose the best college or university for me as well.
    Thank you

  11. Iam longing for this special scholarship to enable me brighten my future.Your positive response would be highly appreciated.

  12. my name is James Barley from West Africa Sierra Leone.I want to apply for the grants to do my course.I am a final year student at the university of sierra Leone.

  13. I have passed M.s in Geography and environmental studies.Environmental issues is my arena of interest to study more.

  14. Hey my name is Umalkhayr Dahir from Somalia I lost my parents I am alone I will be very glad if I get scholarship in your university I am smart girl please give me one chance

  15. I am physically disabled and i belong to a very poor family but i want to study hard and set up a career
    I neeed this help

  16. I am Abubakarr Sesay and I have finished my A level,I please need a scholarship to study with you.please take me.

  17. My name is faustin nshimiyiman I\’ m Rwandan people I\’m finished at Adventist university of central Africa (AUCA) I would ask for a sponsor
    to help me for sponsoring me in my master
    degree in education Administration.

  18. Hello Dear / madam I would like to join this program
    Can you Help me information about faculty of Sharia & law ?
    Ahmed from Somalia

  19. Hello, i am mulwa danson from the arid part of the republic of kenya .A holder of Bed arts kiswahili ,i am willing and passionate to advance my studies if you grant me a chance.thanks

  20. I need to further my education in engineering field just need a helping hand my people can not afford to train me more

  21. Am Deginet, from ETHIOPIA. I have done Geology in Arbaminch university. I wish now to continue my studies for Masters level in any domain of Geological science such as mining geology, engineering geology, and so on but am not able because of lack of means. Please, I beg for your scholarship for reaching to my wish. Thank you a lot for your regards on my request

  22. I Am MWAI NICHOLAS from Kenya am continuing with my course in BSC WITH EDUCATION @ KARATINA UNIVERSITY MAIN CAMPUS where I have Majored in Physics and Minored Chemistry am sending my request to you asking for scholarship at any of your University because of financial constrain so you can just help me to proceed with my academic on that field.Thank you very much as you purpose to consider me.

  23. Hello, am Fedrick from Tanzania seeking for the scholarship in higher education and am a form four leaver I got the marks that didn\’t allow me to go to study in diploma programs bt it allows me to start with a certificate level. I didn\’t continue with certificate because I couldn\’t afford paying the fees. I\’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

  24. I sphesihle Mchunu.doing grade 12.I am applying for an bursary to further my studies on medicine.please I will appreciate if I get it.

  25. I finished my Bachelor\’s degree and looking for opportunity to proceed with my education, hence looking for assistance.

  26. Would love to study psychology but i don\’t have funds to study further.. any help with this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Warm regard
    N.P Masango

  27. I need a scholarship to pursue my dream to become a Physical therapist. Im a grade 11 student but im seeking college degree scholarship.I want to challenge myself. My parents are not rich nor poor but PT is very expensive and also if im a scholar theres a lot of opportunites will show. I want to help my parents too.

  28. i\’m Tefera Zewdie from Ethiopia,i study BA degree in Governance & Development studies in Jimma University.but,i can\’t do my MBA due to lack fund.pleas help me to gate this chance specially on the field of governance,development studies,international relation,political science.
    With best regards!!

  29. I am very fond of doing masters in sciences but my father is a poor man.He can not support me further inmy studies plz plz help me in completing my masters in london plz plz help meand sponser me

  30. Please I want someone to help me further my education…. I want to study physician assistant program… Help me out to save someone

  31. I have received an offer to study in New Zealand,AUT to obtain Masters in Engineering Project Management. I therefore
    need scholarship from your organisation.

  32. I am interested in your Bursaries Club Institution and I\’m kindly asking for a scholarship sponsorship in South Africa for
    Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Finance.Please kindly assist.

    Thank you in advance

  33. Thank you for this opportunity, i actually need this scholarship but i can\’t get it, i don\’t understand why. Please consider me. I am in dire need.

  34. * learn to see others through the eyes &cherish them more for who they are and the good things they do….Thank you
    Call Mtn money transfer

  35. Please help i came from a poor background i hv bn struggling for 8 years now aftr finished my Advanced level i hv no money for the University level so far i hv applied at a south African University to study law and my studies are starting as from Jan2019 nxt year but due insufucient funds i dont know how will i manage them.please your assistance will be greatly appreciated

  36. Wanderful am every ready for further studies in the following fields human resources, a Education Administor ,management.

  37. Hi thanks for all! As u knows that I want to study my master\’s in abroad but I have no financial support so u understands these all please show me a way to get fullfunded scholarship to succeed my vision being of Effective leader by improving my knowledge& skill by learning leadership & management in in ur university. please help me!!!!!

  38. hi I would like to apply for a scholarship, I did my advanced diploma in environmental management at Nrc Lilongwe university of agriculture and natural resources

  39. Hi! Is there any way I can get sponsored for bachelor\’s in civil engineering? I\’ll be exceedingly grateful


  41. Modibo F Traoré titular of lisence in private law in the university of political and juridical science of Bamako Mali
    I would like to get a scholarship of sweden in order to learn a best master.
    Please help me out
    Best regards

  42. Hello, I am Asdrubal Asencio, and I would to apply for a Scholarship to Study computer science. I´m from Venezuela, I have a good English level and I like the Mathematics, also I have participated in Model of United Nations because I belong to a dalegation. I have participated in Mathematical Olympiad twice. I like the programming, so I need a Full Scholarship for study in a University of United States

  43. Hello, I am ADANE MEKONNEN from Ethiopia and I would like to apply for a Scholarship to learn Master Program In foreign languages and literature. I have BA in English language and DELF B1 in French language .Thus; I need fully funded Scholarship to study in a University of United States or Europe.

  44. I thank you very much for providing Kibaale Rural Development Foundation the Grant of scholarship which will help us. Kibaale District Uganda.

  45. Iam Engwau Boniface from Uganda and i hold in adiploma in Agriculture,with great interest iam seeking for a scholarship to pursue a Bsc.Agriculture/degree but due to difficulties and challenges for finance i couln,t make it.Therefore,i look forward to hearing you and more details please contact me on +256772778622.
    Thankyou very much may the almighty God bless you all.
    Boniface Engwau.

  46. Hi I am Charity Cheserek a student at st Paul\’s university in kenya taking degree in education,specifically English literature… I kindly request if you are able to help me in paying my fees I will be grateful,may the Almighty God bless you I look forward to hearing from you

  47. my name is rua joseph and was admitted at Mount Kenya University to persue a Bachelrs Degree in Pharmacy.I was unable to join due to financial constrains.The fees charged for the Course is quite high.Your assistace in terns of Scolarship would go a long way in making me realise my dreams.Thanks in advance

  48. I finish my master of arts in education already but I dont have money to pay for my tuition fee.. please help me I need to get my transcript of records so that I can apply for promotion.. tnx and Godbless

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