A $1000 Scholarship for Bicycle Enthusiasts


Did you ever think that liking bikes can get you somewhere? Well, of course, other than trails and adventures. Did you know that having an interest in bikes can get you a $1000 scholarship?

The number of online degree programs are rapidly increasing because of its benefits and advantages. Choosing the right online college course may be intimidating at first but once you made a decision, a lot of options open. These online degree programs prove themselves to be cheaper than the traditional educations system.

That’s why most people consider taking online universities because the students can learn and study according to their pace. You can also be online all the time, researching other information and related topics in their classes. The materials and lessons needed are sent by the university beforehand so the students can do some readings before the classes start.

But take some precautions before entering and submitting your information in a site that says they offer scholarships. It can’t be helped that some people likes to scam others. You have to make sure that the institutions are accredited online universities that offers academically certified degrees which can be accepted by your future employers. You can look for certifications from a recognized accreditation agency in their site and information regarding their accreditation.

You also need to consider the quality of student support services of your chosen university, if it influences the success of your studies or if it impedes your performance.

Being in online universities don’t mean you don’t get to interact with your classmates and tutors. Technological advancements offer vast opportunities for the students to connect with their teachers and colleagues. Social networks can be the means to work and create projects together.

As an online student, you are permitted to apply for all kinds of grants and scholarships. One example is ApexBikes. It offers an annual scholarship amount of $1000 to all students who applied that are currently registered in an accredited USA university and college. This may be open to all but they prioritize the students who loves to bike.

To apply, participants are required to write an essay or make a video or any other contents that the bicycle users can benefit from. They are allowed to send of up to three entries to increase their chances. The submissions will be judged according to creativity, quality, and content. If you made an essay, be sure to proofread it because minor spelling and grammar mistakes can lead to your disqualification. The application fee is free.

Online education doesn’t mean it offers low quality education as compared to the university setting. You can receive diplomas from these prestigious online universities.

Updated: December 18, 2017 — 7:53 pm


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  1. i want to study but i don\’t have maney to pay so i need scholarship, you have to help me to get it
    thank you i hope you will help me

  2. I use a bicycle at home and I goes with it for work as a means of travelling. I would be more than willing to participate in this scholarship.

  3. Good health is not gotten from eating good food a good number of times a day. Enjoying good and Heather living can be gotten as well through discovering ways of how people travelling.
    In this essay I will share with you how a bicycle can be a good source of health living.
    A bicycle is a good means of transport system that\’s why I use it most the times in my living. I have discovered something about it in terms of transportation. Using a bicycle as a transport means is cheaper than using a vehicle. There is no fuel in the bicycle, which means serving money for future and families use.
    Not only that, a bicycle can help one have a healthier living, as riding a bicycle is part of an exercise. It improves the immune system of our bodies and to be strong in our everyday life. It\’s also helps our cardiovascular system to be maintained in our bodies.
    I also use the bicycle for transporting goods that I can\’t manage to carry on my shoulder.
    In short, I love bicycles for all these reasons I have eluded to above.
    Thank you so much for reading my post.

  4. Am a last year student who love bikes a lot, when growing up i used to fetch water using bike. This scholarship will real help me, and maybe represent our country during Olympic\’s. Thank you

  5. I am Kenyan, a mother of one handsome baby. I like cycling which I did upto the 8th month of expectation of my son. To me, cyclying is part of me without looking at what it brings back. This can explain my likeness to bicycle. If awarded scholarship in regard my likeness to cycling, I will appreciate so much. Thanks

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