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Have you ever been interested in the subjects of production, consumption of goods and services, and applied business? If yes, then I assume you want to major in Economics. Taking up this discipline can lead to a variety of careers; it can be your stepping stone in pursuing law, or being involved in a business. This is a good track and most people want to take these kinds of degree programs because of its promising involvement in the future, but you have to choose the right university with the right tuition.

One university has been building its reputation as one of the world’s leading social science universities in the world, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). It is a public research university and is a constituent college of the federal University of London. Despite its name, the school houses 25 academic departments and institutes which conduct teaching across a range of legal studies and social sciences. Those who graduate here earn higher on average than those of any other British university. It has produced many notable alumni in different fields such as business, economics, history, law, and literature.

Graduate Support Scheme (GSS) is a scholarship that aims to aid students who doesn’t have enough fund to continue their studies. LSE offers student grants around £2.6 million every year in the form of awards under the scheme to the outstanding students. The awards vary in value depending on the financial need per student, including miscellaneous fees. It ranges from £5,000 to a maximum of £15,000, with an average value of £7,350.

The priority of this student grants are UK students who are applying for their first Master’s degree program and to fresh graduates who were qualified for a maintenance grant when they were taking their undergraduate studies. However, this scheme is open to all students worldwide. Students who are taking up executive programs such as MSc Finance or MSc Health Economics, Policy and Management are excluded in this scholarship.

LSE offers a wide range of degree programs being offered. You can go from topics in financial reporting up to data analysis and statistical methods. If you’re undecided about the track you want to take, they have Course Guides and Course Finders in their website to assist you. Students must take a certain number of courses per year as recommended by the program regulations. This is usually the equivalent of four full units per year.

GSS awards are intended to aid funding which are expected or secured already, and not to cover the full funding to the applicants. Securing financial support from other sources is approved by the university.

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  1. I wish I had chance to go back to school but iam poor I have no fees.I am still in primary but you can help me still thank you.

  2. I am in need of educational support (scholarship). Because I wish to study more abroad. Due to the financial limitations i fail to do so. Please help me to reach my goals.

  3. I\’m interested to study agriculture or human resource management abroad please help me achieve my goal get full scholarship

  4. I am in my higher secondary level
    I will be completing my high school in about 6 months
    After that i wish to study abroad
    But i am handicapped and i belong to a poor family from nepal so will uh please help me

  5. I need a scholarship .I came from a poor family so l can not attain a degree in law.Your help is greatly appreciated.

  6. I greet you in the name of ourlord Jesus Christ, am Julius Bakashabomwe from Uganda. I am eager to continue with my courses electrical engineering, but because am in last semester of National diploma in electrical engineering

  7. Hello, my name is Blaise D.C HOUNKONNOU from Benin, I study Agriculturale science, particulary Aquaculture and Fisherie science at college and I need a undergraduate program to poursuit my studie in any agricultural science domain but I\’me poor.
    Please help me get a scholarship to reach my target. Very thanks.

  8. I hold a diploma in social work and social administration but I wish to upgrade to a bachelor level.
    I long for help from well wishers!

  9. my dream is to complete a degree of human medicine and surgery then help improve the health system which is in a sorry state in our region and country at large so someone out there help me attain this degree.
    thanks a lot

  10. Pls I really want to further my education bt my parents are not really rich and I want to study abroad
    Pls help me

  11. Hi I\’m NOREEN ZEB. From Pakistan done BBA hons, interested MS in finance,my GPA 3.08,want fully funded scholarship,????

  12. Hello, am a female aged 21 years old, am a Advanced Level certificate holder with an equivalent of 3 principal passes and 2 subsidiary passes in total scored 10 points out of 20 points; it was a very good average pass, all those scores attained in the disciplines of Literature, Economics, Fine Art , Subsidiary Mathematics and General Paper. I look forward to pursue a Bachelor\’s in Community Development and Social Justice. I hereby, humbly solicit for a scholarship to enable me further my education so as to achieve my dream career of being a Human Rights Activist and advocate for justice in contemporary society . I would be glad if my outcry is positively responded to. Thank you .

  13. Am Fidelis C. Owanogho, I want to study paint production but I can\’t afford it so I need a study grant.

  14. HI

  15. Bonjour,
    Je suis étudiant Malien j\’aimerais acheter cette bourse de 15000 £ si c possible
    Mon numéro de téléphone est:+22372738984

  16. I\’m a male Zambian studying Bsc Biology at Rusangu University. I m an able to continue due to financial challenges. Please offer me a Grant or loan.

  17. I\’m finish with secondary education. I really wish to further my studies but I have financial drawbacks I wish you help me out thanks

  18. Am a student at Makerere university business school pursuing a bachelor\’s degree in international business. I really appreciate this scholarship so I would like to know what I should do to attain this business scholarship.

  19. I would like to get a scholarship but studying in Uganda. I was admitted but no funds. I want to do information systems technology course. will be happy if helped

  20. I need support to forward my education not to became a problem to the society, help me ,I want to bring the hidden treasure out off me to profit my society and other countries.

  21. My name is Daniel i am done with my high school studies and i realy want to go on to university outside the country and i realy need a scholarship to afford it

  22. hi my name is Kelvin & iam done with my secondary studies so please I need a support to study outside my country . I can only make it with your support please help me

  23. I completed SHS and looking for scholarship to continue my education, I have get admission this year. Very thanks for your help

  24. I wanted to study further. As I had to stop studying due to economic problems. I wish to study if the scholarship is granted

  25. Please help me as well.i hv already applied for a law degree at a South African University my studies are going to sart sa from Jan 2019 but due to insufficient funds i dont think i will manage only pls put your hand to pursue my dreams

  26. Sir my financial condition is very low but i m doing ph.d in management i have more need of money for further research study please give me scholarship.

  27. Please am a Nigerian and I ask for aid through this scholarship grant to further my education to get a bachelors degree.thank you very much,I really appreciate.

  28. Am a bachelor\’s degree holder. I need financial aid to further my master\’s degree abroad in the field of education. Thank you

  29. hlw i am in need to study far frm hme en get better education so i need a scholorship (degree of medical doctor) so please help me with a grant

  30. Hi… My name is Lunga Msibi and I\’m from the Kingdom of Eswatini in Africa…. I\’m graduating from secondary school and I\’d like to pursue a career in Accounts… I wish to attend my local business school but I don\’t have enough funds to do so… Please help if you can, I\’d really appreciate it… Any form of help would be very much appreciated

  31. I\’m a student in the university
    But my dad can\’t further my education anyone. I would love being assisted in paying for my fees

  32. I am a miner formaly working and managing a mine here in Papua New Guinea on the famous island of Bougainville I now eager to continue my diploma in Mining for have attend a college here in PNG which I got certificate and would like to pursue my dream of becoming a Mining Engineer.

    Thank You

  33. I am a graduate of applied microbiology with CGPA 4.25 need scholarship to further my study on environmental microbiology at MSC level . thank you.

  34. I am an undergraduate student, i wish i could secure any of the fully funded Medical programe scholarship to study any medical related field course

  35. I am Matulanga Joram from Uganda , I have just finished high school and now looking forward to joining this school,,,can I be helped

  36. I have just finished my high school and am kindly asking for your help to join your school….. Your response to my request will be highly appreciated…. please I need this opportunity 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  37. I need to build a better future for my family and this bursary can be great help I can be one step closer to achieving my goals

  38. i would like to ask for any well wisher to help me to upgrade..am a diploma holder.. pursuing nursing in mental health and psychiatry

  39. Please send OBC scolaraship form I want to continue my education but money problems plz plz 🙏🙏

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