Advanced Studies in Human Behavior Scholarship


College education has drifted further away from the reach of people as the challenges they face continue to get tougher. For the students, the stress caused by the increasing academic load of colleges has continued to squeeze the students and their tight schedules are not helping at all. On the financial side of things, the challenges are also getting harder as the financial obligations of sending someone to college continue to duplicate.

Fortunately, as the internet thrived in this day and age, so did the numerous alternatives for college with online education leading them all. Online education is a concept that was born out of the demands of the people for an alternative way to work for their degree programs with more convenience. Through distance learning, people can work towards a diploma through internet courses as offered by online universities. These internet courses can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as you are online, therefore offering a lot of flexibility for the students taking it.

One of the online universities offering these online classes is the Capella University. Capella University is an accredited online university with quality programs in different levels from certificate courses to doctorate degrees. Their degree programs has a lot of diversity in it as subjects come from different fields of business, public service, education, nursing, and other more. The university has two different learning formats differing in features. These two are Flexpath and Guidedpath with the former offering to give students the freedom of their own pace while the latter is for the ones who would like to follow a given pace by the school.

The university also has numerous scholarship offers for its students and the Advanced Studies in Human Behavior Scholarship is one of those. This scholarship amount to $7500 and is for new students who wish to enroll in the PhD in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior program. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must first be eligible for admission in the university and a new student accepted to the program. A good academic standing will be required of you as well as a good financial aid satisfactory academic progress or FASAP.

To apply for the scholarship, first you would have to make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements posted at After that, scroll down through the page and locate the apply button located there. In the same webpage you may also find ways to contact the school should you have any questions regarding the schedules and other more technical details.

Updated: December 18, 2017 — 7:53 pm


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  1. In August am to enroll for a Bachelor\’s degree in Community Development and Social Justice but am ardently interested in the scholarship in Advanced Human Behavior too, if my request is positively heeded too I can take it up as well and sign a cancellation for the latter course . Thank you.

  2. Please I really need help,give me the bursary in Advanced Studies in Human Behaviors,am academically talented but financially disabled, help,help

  3. I need a scholarships in advanced human behavior, please, l will be glad if my request is been garanted.

  4. me too please am so interested to study and finish this human behavior course and perhaps be employed regardless of my age and am financially unstable help me

  5. I aspire to pursue a degree in psychology but I can\’t make that reality because of the financial obstacle therefore am looking forward to receiving positive considerations for the bursaries…

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