Chilean students are now part of the New Zealand education.

The Chilean Government Bicentennial Scholarships are now available to students from the Republic of Chile who desires to be part of a masters degree online or PhD degree programs at the University of Auckland. The Masters degree programs in importance areas: Water Resources, Disaster Management, and Digital Transformation. Of course, is necessary that all applicants are able to speak a perfect English.

This scholarship not only covers the flight tickets from Chile to New Zealand, but also the complete tuition fees of the selected degree programs and living expenses in the nation.

This scholarship is aimed at all fields and careers of knowledge, so that graduates, when they return to Chile, apply the knowledge acquired and contribute to the scientific, academic, economic, social and cultural development of the country. Among the benefits of the scholarship is the payment of tuition and fees for the study program, monthly amount of maintenance for the scholarship recipients according to the country of destination, round-trip tickets, along with other benefits of support the student.

Some of these masters degree online program that are related to this scholarship program are Master of Architecture and Heritage Conservation, in which, the students prepare themselves for the multidisciplinary wildlife of modern practice. They would gain skills in heritage preservation while finishing the online schools professionally-recognized architecture program.

Other program is the Master degree online of Disaster Management, where online schools Engineering students will prepare themselves for a management role in disaster administration or the altruistic field with in-depth knowledge of resilience and risk saving. Students would be able to get trained with all the appropriate skills to definitely solve difficult problems in high pressure environments. This program touch different fields such as science, architecture, planning, development studies and environmental law.

And the Master of Earthquake Engineering, which would create online schools professionals that would be able to design new buildings and infrastructure to support disasters, and calculate the weakness of existing buildings and infrastructure.

Updated: December 19, 2018 — 10:41 am

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