United Nations University is giving away full Scholarships.

THE UN University is giving away full scholarships for Sustainability studies in Japan at an accredited schools online. The Master of Science in the Sustainability degree program helps students with the required knowledge and skills to be part of the solution that sustainability plans would bring to the different challenges we face.

A great interest in the urgent global issues of the United Nations agenda and in particular, those of sustainability are the ones who are going to be learned in the master. The students who have the aspiration to pursue careers in international fields in the public service or private entities, including the United Nations, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations, as well as academic and research institutions are the perfect ones for being part of this accredited schools online.

Students after this degree program must have the intention to apply the learned results of the academic research made to the formulation of policies in their nations or in different internationals organizations. Also, is important for the organization that the students show a strong desire to contribute to the solution of problems related to the environment, through an interdisciplinary approach by being part of this college education online experience.

If the international applicants are not from an English speaking nation is necessary for them to show their proficiency with IELTS or TOEFL exam. Also is important to hold at least an academic record of 3.5 of 4, depending on the country.

The students must have 2 year of full-time work experience, and be less than 35 years old when applying for this college education online program.

The accredited schools online will not only five the free scholarship, they will also grant the necessary money to live in Tokyo while studying in the degree program. 

 Applying for this college education online scholarship is easy, the admission selection process is focused on students from developing countries with financial needs. These students will be automatically considered as candidates.

Updated: December 19, 2018 — 10:33 am


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  1. I am from Papua New Guinea and I am seeking funds to pursue my dreams of becoming a Mining Engineer and so am asking if I am eligible for that study you want it to be.
    To true with certificate in mining and formaly working as a Mining Engineer would like to achieve my dreams through your scholarship programme.

  2. I am from Ethiopia Addis Ababa and I am seeking funds to pursue my dreams of becaming an economist so i am asking if i am eligible for that study you want it to be.

  3. Hi hope all is well with you. My name is Mariam , a Kenyan citizen. I am a diploma holder and I would love to continue with my studies so that I can pursue my dreams. Kindly please help me . Thank you.

  4. Hi there!? i hope you are well good. My name is kelvin (19) and am from Tanzania, I am in advance studies and i would like when i finish to be studying abroad so that I can fulfill my dreams. Kindly please help me . Thank you and happy Christmas

  5. Hello!! i am guigbe Moise from CHAD. I would like to continue my studies in international law … sides me to get this purse to realize My dream which is to be able to work with International organization … …merry Christmas!!!

  6. Hello there , I would really love to take this opportunity to study abroad and take care of my future.I am very interested

  7. Bonjour.. Je me nomme Tougma Sibdou Laurent..et je suis du Burkina Faso. J\’ai une maitrise en Science Economique et de Gestion et je cherche une bourse pour la poursuite de mes études dans le cadre du développement. Je souhaiterai de tout coeur participer à ce programme d\’études afin de pouvoir accomplir mes rêves de développement dans mon beau pays le Burkina Faso..

  8. My name is BASAJJABAKA TIMOTHY am from UGANDA Kampala, am done with my A-level. am requesting you to add me to your sponsorship lists so that i can settle well on my goals of becoming an architect.
    become someone and and give an uplift to others.

    I will be the happiest young man when my request is granted

  9. Hello,
    I am a Nigerian and I am a Bsc holder in Economics, I wish to attain my MSC in Petroleum and Energy Economics through this scholarship program.
    Kindly grant my request


    Tobun Olatunji

  10. Hello, im from chad and i would like to pursue my Bachelor degree abroad in internationational relationship Economic, and i look for scholarship thank you

  11. Hello I\’m from LESOTHO, maseru I\’m really interested to study abroad as I want to have a degree in sports and excellence and play my football as my dream is to be a professional footballer

  12. Hello! I am Eheneden destiny an undergranduate student in Nigeria, I would like to pursue the scholarship degree for mechanical engineering technology in UK, China, us..etc. Please I would be great fully be happy when you grant me your request
    Thank you!

  13. My name is Abanulo Prudence. I am from Nigeria. Please I\’m very much interested in this scholarship.
    I will be very grateful if you could please give me a good idea on how to get it.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  14. Hi I have a diploma in biomedical sciences and I would like to upgrade my studies.im really interested in this scholarship

  15. Hi I am from Nairobi Kenya I am currently at highschool I just wanted to pursue my dreams in studying law how would I apply for the scholarship. Thankyou

  16. Hi I\’m from South Africa but originally from Cameroon. I will love to pursue my career in either health science or art and will love to get a sponsor..

  17. Greetings I\’m from South Africa and I am an undergraduate law student,it will be a great honour for me to be given an opportunity to study abroad,I have full potential but with given necessary materials my knowledge can be utilised

  18. Hello
    I am from Pakistan .I am doing BS in nano science and technology .so I want this scholar master program in nanoscience or nanotechnology .if any availability of this institution then please help how I can apply for this. Thank you

  19. Dear Administrator,
    I am Kriz T. Jeremiah from the country Liberia and I am very interested and excited about this opportunity to study in one of the best universities. I will like to continue my studies in ICT and Automation with focus on Advanced infrastructure development management. Hope to hear a positive response from you soon. Thanks.

  20. I am David from Kenya,I have finished my Kenya Certificate of Secondary education and I want to pursue pharmacy please add me to your scholarship list,thank you

  21. I\’m ALEX KIPCHUMBA from KENYA one of the indigenous communities in kenya.I have completed high school with a mean grade of 50 points(C+) and I had no money to pursue to university due to my background would like to do journalism,please help.

  22. Dear administrator,I\’m from Nigeria. I want to study medicine and surgery over there how can I apply for the scholarship

  23. Hello
    My name is Kassim Masoud from Zanzibar , I hold bachelor degree in international relations please help me to study master degree in the field of public policy or protocal and diplomacy

  24. Could pursue DBA whose thesis focuses on sustainability with respect to addressing unemployment and poverty through the development of enterprise owners and the subsequent creation of enterprises and employment resulting in wealth creation and improvement of the human development index.

  25. Nothing will create a better me than me being a part of the privilege i would enjoy from you in the area of my academics.
    I wish to advance my accountancy studies for I am hoping to pursue a degree and finance has been a challenge.
    Please help create a better me.

  26. Hi there ! i hope that you are well.My name is Manuesse, from Mozambique. I am real interested in this scholarship.
    May God bless all of you.

  27. Hello there my name is Bester and i really need this Scholarship.It will be a big help because i will be able to pursue my accountancy study and become a better person.

  28. Dear sir/madam.
    I am Hawa from Kenya I completed my KCSE last year and would like to pursue a degree course in nursing so that I can be able to help the many who are suffering from ailments… I have no money and you can surely entrust me because I never disappoint.

  29. Hello! i am Christabel by name and i am from Nigeria. in a months time i will be writting my waec, and i am hoping to further my studies either home or abroad. my dream is to become a good and more than qualified lawyer cant wish for anything more. So please i really need this scholarship. Thank you.

  30. Hello!I am Mwaura Sylvia Wanjira from Kenya.I would like to enroll in your program of scholarships.I would like to study in abroad for a degree in law .I will be waiting for your reply and I hope that I will be enrolled.Thank you in advance

  31. Am Otiu Francis Ouma from Kenya. Am ready to take a degree program but I have no money. Am aged 19 years. Am a male.

  32. My name is Peggy Cele from South Africa.I need your help to get a degree in Agriculture . At present I am a small scale farmer, I know that with an opportunity to access a professional qualification I can contribute hugely to the economy.

    I thank you

  33. My name is Jackson Whydah. Kowoin II
    am from Liberia I need your help to earn a dregee in economics and finance at present am a petty trader, I know with an opportunity to a professional studies in this discipline I will improvise this very poor economic of my country that is being run on 12 hours

  34. My name is Pakama Jokazi, from South Africa. I would like to get an opportunity to study for Masters abroad but I do not have any financial assistance. In 2018 I was doing my Honours in Industrial Psychology

  35. How are you Admnistrator
    I have finished high school and have failed to get money to facilitate me for Bachelor\’s degree and i wanted to do Bachelor\’s degree in social work and social administration and so how can i apply for afree scholarship

  36. I am a Zambian citizen, a university drop out in the faculty of bsc in nursing degree due to financial problems.. seeking for a scholarship or sponsorship for me to complete with the same program..your consideration and hospitality will be highly appreciated

  37. Hi I am Kidus from Ethiopia I am a highschool student I want to study on artificial intelligence but theres no real way in the country so I wanna ask for a scholar program because I have no money to do it on my own

  38. Dear sir/medam

    I am applying scholarship of IT studies.

    My intention is to study and expand my knowledge on IT programs.I would be happy if my application could be considered.

    Yours sincerely
    Majikijeja Sive.

  39. I am from Freetown, Sierra Leone, west Africa part of Africa and I have got my requirements for pursuing my academic career but I have no support, the person who paying my schools fee she said don\’t have that hand to support me for university fee. So that\’s why I\’m currently seeking help from the abroad sector!!! Please for anybody help as withstanding…

  40. Hello my name is Elizabeth Mwikali from Kenya recently done with highschool and i really wish to study chemical engineering but the funds are insuffient for me to pursue this dream.please help me pursue this dream.may you be blessed.

  41. Greetings,
    My name is Kaluba Elvin, A Zambian citizen.
    I completed my final grade 12 examinations last year.
    I would be glad to be offered a full scholarship to pursue my studies.
    I currently have no sponsors

    I\’m from Cameroon.
    I recently finished high school,i would be glad if I\’m offered a full scholarship to study in a university.

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