Three Famous Scholarships for College Students – Apply Now

Your odds of landing a college scholarships increases as you increase your applications for scholarships. Below, find up to ten exceptional scholarships, for all classes of students, which also cover the age-specific qualifications of the first-year high school students up to each year of graduate studies.

These are bursaries at the simplest, and we also think they are at their best. Because when scholarship application processes and requirements are simplified, it simplifies things enormously, do you not agree?

Let’s simplify things by answering one of the most frequently asked questions about grants: the timing of application.

When is the right time to apply for college scholarships?

The best time to apply for grants and student bursaries is now. The next best time is now. The more time you waste in deliberating and thinking, the more free grants opportunities you will miss.

These grants for school you see on the internet all have application deadlines. If you keep wasting time, by the time you may want to apply for a particular free bursary you like, the closing date might have passed or the time remaining may not be enough for you to prepare for the scholarship. To help bring some scholarships to your view, here are some top college scholarships for you.       

  1. Travel Is Education (TIE) Student Grants for US Students

The TIE scholarships is open to only students currently between grades 6 to 12 and must be from the United States. Interested student fitting into this application eligibility are required to submit a one-page writing, an artwork (two dimensional artwork) or photos on the theme topic “The World in your World”. Just in case you feel confused or whatsoever, there are sample topics in the link we provided below. Such applicant must be traveling on ACIS Tour between October 2018 and October 2019. The scholarship amount varies and applicants must be 18 or below.  Apply Now.

  • Tech Addict Awareness Free Student Bursaries

Are you a tech addict? Are you residing in the United States or are you a legal resident of the United States of America? Then you may want to apply for the TAA grants. This free student grant is open to graduates, undergraduates, and even high school students. Selected candidates will receive up to $1,000 for their educational activities. All you need do in addition to your application is to write a short message of 140 words which is related to tech addiction.

  • Courageous Free Bursaries for High School Grads

High school grads are invited to apply for the Courageous Persuaders Free Bursaries. Up to 14 applicants will be selected and awarded with this student grant. This particular grant involves a video contest. The video should be about warning under-ages on the danger of drinking and driving or texting whilst driving. The video quality should qualify for a TV commercial.


There are a couple of more scholarships online for college students. You may have missed out on some but now you are here, it is highly recommended you subscribe to our newsletter so you will get instant alerts once a scholarship is available. Do not worry about spam – we hate it too. You will only receive emails of what matters to you. Lookout for our next post where we will share more college scholarships that might suit your school needs.

Updated: November 25, 2019 — 12:06 pm

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