$7,000 Arquia 2020 scholarships for architecture

There are Madrid universities that have attached senior colleges, for example, the Complutense University accounts for more than 40. The senior colleges are usually male or female, although there are also mixed ones, and some have a more religious character more marked than they can have residences

But if you feel like enjoying full freedom from the beginning, the floor may be the best alternative. In the first year, it is somewhat more complicated because you don’t know anyone and finding suitable roommates becomes a lottery.

In this case, you can find rental apartments in advertisements published on websites or on the boards of your university.

From February 28, 2020, you can enroll in the XX Arquia / scholarships call 2020 for the award of 24 scholarships for architecture students and young architects of the architecture schools of Spain and Portugal -20 scholarships for candidates of Spanish schools and four scholarships for candidates of Portuguese schools- for the realization of professional practices in European studies of Architecture.

There are two types of participation: academic record and contest. You can choose to participate in one of them or both simultaneously within the same call. 12 scholarships are convened for the file modality and 12 for the contest modality.

You can also enroll, in the call for the award of  3 scholarships  for the realization of practices in Public Administration, Ministry of Development, General Directorate of Architecture, Housing and Land in Madrid, in the VII edition of the  2 scholarships  for the realization of professional practices in the Metropolis Foundation in Madrid and in the II call for  1 scholarship  for the realization of cultural management practices in the Arquia Foundation in Barcelona. You can also participate in the I call for  1 scholarship  for the realization of cultural management practices in the Royal Academy of Arts and in the I call for  2 scholarships of registration for participation in the Ultzama Campus 2020, organized by the Architecture and Society Foundation.

Registration deadline: April 30, 2020 at 12:00 h (Spanish peninsular time).


Those students of architecture and young architects with Spanish, Portuguese nationality or citizens with residence permit in Spain or Portugal who, at the end of the delivery of applications, meet the following requirements:

  • Students: a) At least 60% of the credits necessary to obtain the qualification for the exercise of the profession of architect in a school of architecture in Spain or Portugal. b) Be enrolled in the 2020/2021 academic year at some architecture school in Spain or Portugal.
  • Architects: Having obtained the qualifying title for the exercise of the profession of architect in an architecture school in Spain or Portugal, or having obtained the degree outside those countries and approved in any of them, after April 30, 2018. 


During the internship period, the Arquia Foundation will subsidize the grantee with an economic endowment of 7,000 euros (national destinations) and 9,000 euros (foreign destinations), depending on the candidate’s city of origin and the assigned destination city.

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Updated: February 18, 2020 — 11:52 am

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