PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Patch Notes – Check Out The Features!

The famous fight royale game, PUBG Mobile, is going to get another update one week from now. Despite the fact that the organization is yet to make the official declaration, the forthcoming update is said to have spilled on the beta rendition. Reports from a couple of solid sources guarantee that PUBG Mobile will get the 0.15.0 update on October 16, and true to form, it will present a lot of new highlights.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you live, eat and inhale PUBG Mobile, we have something significant for you. We have a brief look at the changelog of the forthcoming PUBG Mobile update. Prepare to be blown away. The impending PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update will be the large one, and it will present new weapons, new gaming modes, new vehicles, and so on

In this article, we will share a rundown of best PUBG Mobile highlights that are relied upon to show up with the 0.15.0 update. How about we look at the released official Patch Notes for PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update 2019.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Patch Notes – Check Out The Features!

Note: The Patch Notes shared underneath are taken from XDA Developers. The fix notes were found on the Chinese variant of the PUBG Mobile beta adaptation.

Payload Mode:

EvoGround – Payload Mode: based on the exemplary rivalry, increment the flight vehicle helicopter experience land and air battle, seek the intensity of the superweapon box to feel the substantial discharge weapon, and utilize the correspondence pinnacle to review the disposed of partners, new interactivity, capability update, multiplying the twofold!

Flying Vehicle: Find the helipad on the island map, you can drive and ride the helicopter to fight from land just as air

Super Weapon Box: Timing invigorated weapon box, initiated following 3 minutes of revive, you can get airdrop firearms, three-level protective layer suits, weighty shoot weapons, and different supplies

Reviewing colleagues: Pick up the disposed of partner ID card and go to the correspondence pinnacle to review the partners!

Substantial discharge weapons:

RPG-7 rocket launcher: exemplary rocket launcher, utilizing rockets

M3E1-A rocket: a rocket that utilizes a rocket to dispatch the following vehicle

M79 explosive launcher: single projectile launcher utilizing 40mm projectile

M134 substantial assault rifle, utilizing 7.62mm projectiles

MGL Grenade Launcher: Use 40mm Grenade

New Props:

Air Raid Locator: Airstrike besieging of the objective zone, which can be utilized to obstruct streets or deliberately cover

Vehicle fix pack: Respond to some portion of the wellbeing estimation of the vehicle and fix harmed tires

New Gun – Desert Eagle:

The Desert Eagle has the most noteworthy harm and slug speed in PUBGM’s current gun-type guns, which will be accessible on all guides

Desert Eagle has 62 harm, can be outfitted with red speck sights, holographic sights, different magazines and laser locates that help improve shoulder precision

Contrasted with different guns, the measure of harm and the speed of the shots are extraordinary, yet conversely, they have solid backlash when shooting with them

The firearm utilizes a .45 type projectile and can be stacked with 7 rounds as a matter of course

It very well may be expanded to 10 rounds after the extension of the magazine

New component – climbing framework/edge snatch:

Supporting players to move noticeable all around permits players to move among structures and structures, compartments and holders, permitting players to go to places that were beforehand distant, accordingly changing the player’s capacity to move, investigate and endure

Instructions to Ledge Grab: After squeezing the bounce catch to hop, locate the perfect time in the empty state and press the hop button again to accomplish the ascension activity, which produces results on all guides

New instrument – fuel barrel blast system:

The fuel oil barrel will detonate in the wake of being assaulted by guns and tossing objects, causing range harm to the environmental factors

New splash work – Graffiti:

With the new splash work, players with shower props can customize the shower on any article, similar to dividers in the fight scene

Showering is a consumable thing. It makes 1 effort once, and players can convey up to 4 unique sorts of splash into the fight

Added first-individual preparing ground:

Presently you can decide to enter the principal individual preparing ground

Beginner task:

Recently enlisted players can sign inconsistently to open every day amateur undertakings and get day by day fledgling endowments

Add another accomplice reward:

At the point when the closeness between the accomplices arrives at 1000, the restrictive title of the accomplice can be gotten

At the point when the score arrives at 2000, 2500 and 3000, another accomplice standing position can be gotten

Add player data tab:

At the point when different players are tapped on the left half of the visit and greeting group, the player’s data tab will be shown on the correct side of the interface

Add a blessing giving scene:

Presently you can give space endowments to different players during visit, group arrangements, and fight settlements. The settlement can likewise build the fame esteem for the player

Added explosive skin:

The current projectile can likewise be customized, the model stacked with the projectile skin won’t change, and the extent of the blast harm won’t change

Add skydiving floating props:

Added 2 skimming props, these things are attached to the hand, adding blue smoke, hued smoke

Add new store close-up:

At the point when the player takes a stab at a cap, head protector, face towel or knapsack, it will naturally change to the nearby of the bust

New wearable glasses:

In the wake of refreshing the customer, the glasses and the face towel at this point don’t share a field, and the glasses and all the face veils that don’t hinder the eyes can be worn together

After the foundation update, players who are as yet utilizing the old variant won’t have the option to see the eyes when they wear the glasses. You can see them when you update to rendition 0.15.0

Execution advancement:

Fixed some asset stacking issues and improved familiarity with battle

Upgraded the weapon stacking rationale, the player will be more smooth when entering the field of view

Decrease the CPU use of the primary string brought about by UI rationale, diminish the force utilization and warmth of the gadget

Advanced the presentation of the low-end machine to improve the perfection of the exhibition on low-end telephones

Realistic improvement:

Advanced the presentation of weapons and dress craftsmanship, improved the nature of surfaces, the exactness of models, the computation of lighting, and so on

Lobby interface light and shadow improvement – upgraded the exhibition of the corridor light and shadow

Controls Optimization:

At the point when the primary focal point control finger is basically, the focal point control capacity of the half screen of the in this manner embedded moving joystick is protected. At the point when the finger on the focal point control side is raised, the focal point control procedure on the rocker side is figured it out.

After execution, it can diminish the likelihood of the player moving the focal point accidentally subsequent to opening the mirror, and get a smoother shooting experience

Weapon activity:

When holding various sorts of guns in the game, it will make diverse weapon developments as indicated by the kind of hand-held guns

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