Best Whatsapp Tricks You Never Knew

The SMS is dead! And in its place, long live the most popular, flexible, easy-to-use WhatsApp – and now completely free.

Since the annual fee was long overdue and video calling has finally come with better video viewing, there is nothing between you and the endless conversations now.

That means it’s time to go beyond the basics and learn how to become a WhatsApp guide.

From avoiding annoying innocent messages to maintaining adult privacy, here are WhatsApp tips and tricks to make you a message master.


1. Hide the fact that you are ignoring someone


WhatsApp feature - quoting messages


Disabling the free double blue check marks (Settings> Account> Privacy> Read receipts) is a great way to prevent the “I know you’ve read” message from being disproved when you choose to ignore someone. However, always turn them off and the suspicion may start to grow.


2. Have fun avoiding innocent messages by hiding the last access time

WhatsApp’s blue double check marks are a back signal for social engagement. However, I am not the only whistleblower to show that you have avoided reporting. Your “last sight” is the second layer of unwanted attention as you desperately try to avoid unpleasant conversations.

However, you can turn it off. In Settings> Account> Privacy> Last accessed, you can decide who you want to know during your last activity. In the end, it is possible to ignore without guilt.


3. Magically recover deleted messages

* Smiles *, * gags *, * accidentally clicks delete * … and it’s easy because that cute girl / boy number is gone. However, all is not lost, because there is a way to bring news of the dead. You will need to anticipate your message a bit, eliminating confusion here.

If you set up a daily backup for your favorite chats (see tip 11), WhatsApp will store that day’s messages in the cloud early in the morning.

Now, if you accidentally delete messages or entire chats, you can recover the lost content using Harry Potter’s magical levels by reinstalling the app. Phone number, come back!

  1. Offer your friends to prove them wrong


Instead of going through hundreds of missed messages, take a screenshot showing that your friend said you arrived two hours ago, cut it out and send it back; now you can use it easily. to quote.

Sure, you’ll have to do a waist-size exercise on your thumb to get back to the message you want, but once you have it, you can simply hold it down and click the left arrow on Android or the ‘Reply’ button ‘on iOS and deliver your WhatsApp microphone. This feature easily links them to this post if they also need additional context.


  1. Add bold and italics to keep your message moving.


WhatsApp is great for most things. The perception of the tone is not always one of them. Fortunately, there is a small hidden feature that will help you better spread your messages and help your friends understand the urgency of your messages. You can add bold, italic and even strikethrough.

Like? “Or what? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as clicking the corresponding button. Instead, whenever you want to put a little emphasis on a specific word, you need to put the desired command shortcut around the words you want. Highlight .

Updated: December 4, 2020 — 3:39 pm

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