Best Stock Trading Apps for Android

Owners of Android devices have many options when it comes to stock trading programs. From large investment firms to mobile-focused brokerage services, there is probably a right platform for your stock trading needs.

However, knowing that each investor has unique goals and preferences, finding the right trading app can be a bit tricky. Our review of the best stock trading apps for Android to date can help you make an informed decision.


1.Charles Swab


Charles Schwab Mobile App Schwab is our best general selection for the best stock trading app for Android. The Schwab program is reliable and has features that meet the needs of beginners, experts and all investors and traders. Schwab brokerage accounts include ETFs and free stock trades and do not include minimum inventory terms or recurring costs.

The mobile app for Android includes functions for monitoring and managing your accounts, performing advanced operations and tracking operations status, receiving notifications about actions and functions you track, investing research using interactive charts, viewing market data Broadcast on CNBC TV in real time.

Some novice investors may find this feature-rich program a little overwhelming, but intuitive navigation and the ability to read the details that bother you the most can make the learning process easier. More experienced traders should also meet their needs.


2. E*TRADE: Runner-Up


E * TRADE was founded in 1982 and shipped its first online stock trading order in 1983. With so much of online trading history, it’s no wonder Etrade has such a strong offering. which concerns its mobile application. E * TRADE has no minimum account balance and no recurring fees. Equities and commission-free ETFs. 2

The E * TRADE mobile app for Android offers a variety of operator-friendly options:

Basic operations and complex operations of multi-step options
Third party research
Bloomberg TV Show
Last minute alerts for your portfolio and markets
Professional level traders can upgrade to the Power E * TRADE app for more advanced charting and trading features.


3. Webull: Best Free App


If you want an application that will make your entire investment experience free, Webull can be a good choice. Webull has no minimum account or fees. All transactions with shares, ETFs and options are free. This includes an option contract fee, which is still charged by most other brokers. Webull is a relatively new broker, but it offers solid platforms and is regularly updated to provide important features to even the most demanding traders.

Webull for Android gives you the tools to manage your entire account and place advanced business orders. Webull supports voice commands. You can enter a transaction that says “buy Apple” or other sales or research orders. The application was designed for active traders and options traders. Webull offers Level 1 and Level 2 offers and includes conditional orders such as OCO. These are advanced tools and types of commands that are not suitable for most beginners.

However, Webull is not completely free; fees for margin loans and short sales. You pay more for advanced offers from at least seven different services, but most merchants do not need this type of market data. Most merchants will be able to use Webull without paying fees. This is ideal for new traders who are starting to operate markets and for experienced traders who want to save money on option contract fees.


SoFi: Best for Beginners


SoFi Invest is a great platform for beginners. Includes easy-to-use Internet and mobile commerce at virtually no cost. SoFi Invest accounts have no periodic fees and a minimum of $ 1. There is no charge for trading stocks or ETFs. You can also trade cryptocurrency, but each transaction has a built-in fee of 1.25%

Features for Android for beginners include a simple interface, stock collections and ETFs that make it easy to navigate popular events by category, as well as simple but useful screens with stock market data and complex explanations of the concept built directly.

In addition to the program, SoFi provides participants with valuable features free of charge: financial planning meetings, career training and community events. Due to its low cost and features suitable for beginners, SoFi Invest is a good choice for beginners.

Updated: December 10, 2020 — 6:33 pm

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