Every year, ambitious and talented students from all over the world are trying to find the financial means to sustain the costs of their college education. Those of them who want to avoid a student loan, apply for college scholarships. Almost all universities offer some type of college scholarships, either based on academic merit, such as prestigious ones, like Rhodes Scholarships or Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, or based on financial need and social background, like Access Opportunity Scholarship offered by University College London or VLIR-UOS ITP Scholarships for Sustainable Development and Human Rights offered by the University of Antwerp. Applying for college scholarships is a competitive process though and unfortunately not all student can benefit from one.

What other alternatives are out there if you did not obtain a scholarship? You can always think about online colleges degrees. Online colleges are becoming a popular choice when it comes to affordable high education. Online colleges are offering the same educational contents as traditional colleges, via online classes. Students enrolled to online colleges can attend courses from home, at their own pace and take the exams online also. And at graduation, students receive online college degrees, which are now becoming quite common on the work market and are widely accepted by employers and universities. Beside being much more affordable than traditional degree programs, online degrees give students more flexibility and a wide range of options regarding the study domain. You can also opt for different levels of online college degrees. You can obtain a bachelor, a masters or an associate degree online. While a bachelor degree is a great option by itself, getting an associate degree online has some other advantages you might consider important. Getting an associate degree online takes less time, as the program is usually only two years long and it can open the door for many practical professions, such as business administration or computer science. Even if you are not interested in an associate degree program, keep in mind that other online college degrees are an option worth exploring.