The Asian Development Bank is paying for different programs in the University of Auckland.

The University of Auckland International Student Scholarships were created in 2016.

The real motivation behind this university online degrees program is to call all international students who are brilliant on their fields and want this university to be part of their academic, professional and personal path regardless their program: undergrad or postgrad. Scholarship university online degrees applications are usually available around six weeks before the closing date, you need to be aware of the accredited schools online website so you can check if you are eligible or not.

For example, the Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Programme is a special university online degrees program for those natives from any nation where the ADB is located. This program covers all accredited schools online tuition fees; flight tickers from the home country to Auckland, New Zealand; all living expenses in Auckland; health and medical insurance in New Zealand. The flight tickets from Auckland, New Zealand, to the home country when finishing the program are also covered.

And for those international accredited schools online students who are part of a research program may receive a special grant. The distance learning education students that can be part of this program must be, they must be already selected as part of the distance learning education  program, and they must have professional experience in the field for at least 2 years.

All students must hold perfect skills in oral and written English, they must be under 35 years old and be considered a healthy person. All distance learning education applicants must agree that they are going to return to their home nation.

Students can be part of the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Commerce, the Master of Engineering Project Management, the Master of Earthquake Engineering or even the Master of Dance Movement Therapy the Asian Development Bank is offering to pay for everything described below.

8 thoughts on “The Asian Development Bank is paying for different programs in the University of Auckland.”

  1. Hi !
    I have a question that,
    Is this scholarship is full free or no?
    And it is for undergraduate students from every country.

    Thanks alot.

  2. Hi hope all is well with you. My name is Mariam Burale from Kenya. I am a diploma holder in Business Administration but due to financial problems am not able to continue with my studies and pursue my dreams. Kindly please help me .Thank you. My telephone number is (0710921523)

  3. i am guigbe Moise of CHAD.j would like to continue my studies in international law … sides me to get this purse to realize My dream which is to be able to work led international organization … …

  4. Am Washington Mwai from Kenya l have interest to study peace studies and conflict resolution degree level but have no money to start

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