Top 5 Online Money Making Apps

Currently, most money-making apps are prevalent on the Google Play Store, with a few options being available on the App Store as well. As expected, most of them are free to download and set up. A select few, however, are freemium. For those unfamiliar with the term, freemium apps are entirely free to download and use. What sets them apart from the free apps is their paywall.

More often than not, a set of “premium” features of the app sits behind a paywall, which you have to shell out real money to cross. I feel that the freemium model is a perfectly acceptable scheme for a mobile app to adopt. The developers need their share of the earnings to keep their operations running, right? Most people feel freemium apps are priced unfairly in some instances. I’m glad to report that for the most part, money making apps in India maintain a level playing field for both paid and free users.

Signing up for these money-making apps is a straightforward prospect. 

  • Download from the Play (or App) Store.
  • Register through the specifics required for signing up. Nowadays, signing up is seamless, with one-click registration through either Google, Facebook or other platforms.
  • Polish your profile through the in-app interface. This process could be optional in some apps, but in my opinion, it’s almost always beneficial to establish yourself on the platform well.

Nowadays, most money-making apps in India are generous in teaching you the ropes of how their apps work. In-app tutorials are ubiquitous and help you get the hang of how things work reasonably quickly. 

Kindly note that these ratings are not in any particular order. As I always maintain, there’s room for everyone to win in the digital world!


1) Google Opinion Rewards: 


Google has a foot in every digital door. No wonder they’re almost universal nowadays! Anyway, Google Opinion Rewards usually goes under the radar when discussing money-making apps in the country. The premise is simple. You help them consolidate user-generated data; they pay you for your efforts and time. The surveys Google presents here are usually random, based on search popularity and public interest. 

On average, you will get around one survey per week, so your earnings are capped based on what you make from that survey. To keep payment streamlined, the money you earn on this platform reaches your wallet as Google Play credit. You can then redeem this on the Play Store on paid apps. All-in-all, Google Opinion Rewards is an entry-level money-making app with a linear structure for users.

Since it’s a Google offering, you’ve probably guessed that it’s geared for Android usage.


2) CashBuddy: 


This unique app dives deep and fetches you rewards from a variety of tasks. Some of these can be as simple as watching a promotional YouTube video for a particular product. As is customary, a user referral scheme is also in place, ensuring guaranteed rewards. Typically, these rewards fall in the range of ₹50. The ads are credited to your Paytm Wallet, which you can then redeem later. CashBuddy offers a seamless experience throughout! Available on Android.


3) Roz Dhan: 


Literally translated from Hindi, this means daily money. In this app, speed is of the essence and money moves fast. Right from the get go, you can earn money just for signing up! The app makes use of codes (similar to coupons) to guarantee rewards. Like most other money-making apps in India, Roz Dhan makes use of Paytm Wallet to credit your earnings. The Roz Dhan experience is as seamless as they come. You can find the app on Android.


4) Loco:


Let the games begin! Loco takes the premise of earning money online and adds a competitive spin to it. You earn money based on the number of quiz questions you get right! The icing on the cake here is that the app has provisions for vernacular usage too – languages such as Bengali and Marathi are fully implemented. There are drawbacks, though. The quizzes are timed, and there are only finite attempts in a day to prevent exploitation. Loco is available on the App and Play Store.


5) UserFeel: 


This app helps you earn a quick buck while also being highly productive. The crux of UserFeel stems from you helping website owners assess their site’s strengths in terms of UI/UX. Payment is primarily through PayPal, and you get 10 dollars for every site you successfully evaluate. Naturally, the surveys are extensive, so you’ll have to work for it! UserFeel is primarily available on Google Play Store.

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