Top Trading Apps For Both Android and Apple- 2021

Whether you use Android or iOS, there are an impressive number of trading apps at your fingertips. However, going through all of them to find the perfect mobile intermediary will only confuse you when you start and your device will run out of space.

Yes, finding the best trading app in Europe can be daunting. Therefore, to save you the pain of deciding where to start, I have tried to reduce the playing field by reviewing and testing the most popular trading applications in Europe for you. I try my best to keep the list up to date, but not all information may be 100% accurate at the time of reading.

I researched the best European mobile brokerage services for long-term investors as well as hobbyists, and compared them for user experience, price, charts, markets and more. That’s why I chose what I believe to be the best trading applications in Europe for beginners and advanced traders.




The best free stock app and investment ETF. Etoro Nuclear Commission provides stock trading and ETFs, a great round mobile platform, one click copy and many years of market experience.



The best active trading application and the best technology. The XTB mobile platform is a select option for experienced, leading technology professionals with over 1,500 CFD access by hand.



The best application for long-term investment. The Netherlands’ Diegro has been hit hard by major commodity discount commissions, access to 30 international exchanges and free monthly transactions with ETFs.

City Index


The best app for retailers and new assortments. The City Index has 37 years of market experience, 5,000 trading markets, and an intuitive trading application of high-light tools and charts. The UK City Index is a very reliable research option for currency traders and CFD traders.

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