10 Best Educational Apps for Kids-2021

Some teachers know that it has been difficult for them to get their children to attend a lesson or discussion in class. And most parents find it difficult to continue teaching their children, especially when school is suspended. However, there are ways to study without breaks after school. Training programs on various widgets and devices have a new face and a new trend in learning.

Research shows that educational technologies can be an effective tool to support the education system and that their inclusion in a wide range of modern educational models and learning trends can play an important role in modular application. In addition, the application of educational technologies in different classroom conditions is being developed, as more creative forms of this technology are improved, integrated and integrated into the modern K-12 system (Pierce & Cleary, 2016).

Similarly, Morgan (2013) noted that when students can use devices that have many functions, they are motivated and involved in learning through their visual and auditory senses, and applications are very useful to them. kinesthetic visualization as well. Education has changed dramatically with time and technology. And with the help of these educational programs for children not only knowledge is improved, but also learning becomes fun and easy for children.


1. ABCmouse.com

This program can be a favorite in the audience. It can be downloaded to any iPad, iPhone and most Android phones or tablets. Thanks to a wide range of lessons and videos that teach math, science, art, reading, etc., Implement “everyday” things and basic concepts that will help children’s curiosity during learning and fun.

This program works wonders for preschool education for children ages 2 to 8. This is on a much cheaper subscription. Users can opt for a one-month free trial and then a $ 10-a-month subscription.


2. Quick Maths

Yu-Hui et al. (2018) suggest that different learning pathways, such as toys and board games, play a crucial role in critically addressing young students as a complement to traditional teaching methods. Fast math offers basic arithmetic skills and concepts, as well as new tasks at each difficulty level as a child’s skills and abilities develop and develop. What makes it more exciting and challenging is that children can practice their math skills over time.

This innovative app is ideal for 2nd to 6th grade students and adds the benefits of handwriting recognition by making it useful and fun for children to practice writing when they can draw and record their answers. The price is free and is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.



Duolingo offers free language classes for over 30 languages ​​with interesting lessons where you can practice speaking, listening, reading and writing. Language and interactive computer games provide students with real and creative learning pathways, thus creating opportunities for students to improve their skills and knowledge (Senel and Akman, 2016).

Duolingo is actually an interesting and interactive application in which users can train with sound, word recognition and short and simple exercises. Ideal for children aged 10 and over, but keep in mind that this is not just for children, but also for anyone who wants to learn any foreign language, be it French, Italian, Spanish or any other language that you are interested.

It’s completely free on iOS or Android, but it comes with the optional Duolingo Plus with no ads for $ 6.99 a month.


4. YouTube Kids 

This app only shows age-appropriate educational videos and is ideal for children ages 2 to 12 because it displays YouTube content. It is designed so that children can explore on their own with a large collection of shows and topics that are sure to entertain and enhance their learning skills. Parents and guardians may regulate supervision or regulate the use of the child through parental control.

You can get it for free on your iPhone, iPad or any Android device.


5. Epic!

Ep! is an e-book library with over 40,000 children’s books, an absolutely amazing library that any child can access anytime, anywhere. It contains a large collection of books, from audio books to e-books to books to read. This is the best app for kids to explore their reading interests and develop a love of reading. It is suitable for kindergarten and for children from 6 to 12 years.

You can download it on iOS or Android and start a 30-day free trial. The app costs $ 7.99 per month.


6. ClassDojo


Education is not just learning and learning. Communication between teachers, students and parents also plays a key role in learning. That’s why ClassDojo was created to make learning more fun and interactive. It is a communication program in which teachers can easily monitor students and inform parents about their progress or inform them of announcements, class activities, photos, videos, or other educational content from this program. Students can also add their completed activities, such as assignments and projects, and share them with the class and their parents.

This program is suitable for young students, as it contains cute characters for decorating classrooms and cute monsters to monitor behavior. Download for free on Android.

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