6 Best Video Editing Apps For Android & iOS-2021



inshot - video editing apps


Inshot is a popular free video and photo editing app. It comes with all the basic video editing tools like trimmer, cutter, trim, splitter, merges, and more, exclusive features like filters and special effects.

This application is simple and easy to use. You can add InShot, vlogging or music video features, or use your own features in the videos you shoot. It also allows us to adjust the volume and music input/output effects.

Application functionality

You can speed up video or insert slow motion from 0.2x to 100x
Add over 1000 stickers and text to your video
Add 55+ video transition effects to combine two clips
Convert video to MP4 format in seconds


2. Youcut


youcut - video editing apps

Are you looking for the best video editor and video maker in one app? Youcut is the best option available, and it’s free. It comes with professional video editing tools like cutter, trimmer and carpenter.

You can rotate, crop, compress or merge the video as you want without losing quality. You can also create slides with music.

Application functionality

No Rust Ads and Watermarks
It allows you to add selected YouCut music or your own for free.
Attractive video filters and FX effects
Adjust color and aspect ratio as needed


3. Video.Guru


video guru - video editing apps


Video.Guru is a YouTube-integrated video creation and editing application. With this app, you can edit videos without banner ads or watermarks and share them easily on any platform like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.

You can also add music, background music, voice messages, sound effects, glitch effects, etc. No copyright issue. It has a vlog and intro maker specially designed for beginners.

Application functionality

Interesting video transfer effects
You can change the background by color or blue processing.
Dedicated video compression tool
You can improve video quality, get support up to 4K.


4. Quik


quik - video editing apps

Create instant videos, complement them with a few clicks. Quik is one of the best video editing apps that can turn your favorite photos and video clips into beautiful video. And it’s done with perfect musical transitions, effects and timing.

This app also takes data from GoPro shots and resolutions to select the perfect faces and colors in every photo. The layout then adjusts automatically. You can also change them manually.

Application functionality

days up to 75 photos and video clips
23 themes to choose from
A wide range of tools to edit your video
It supports audio tracks of all formats including MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, etc.


5. Videoshow


videoshow - video editing apps

Video editor and other director. With professional video editing tools and over 50 themes, you can quickly create high-quality videos, presentations and videos. It also supports over 30 languages.

Videos can be converted using tools such as clippers, compressor and converter so that they can be shared via any web platform with one touch.

Application functionality

Many copyrighted music tracks can be added at specified intervals.
Create interesting captions with different fonts and text styles
Video speed boost: slow motion or add speed
Adjust audio speed and sync with music easily


6. Film Maker Pro


filmmaker pro - video editing apps


Film Maker Pro is one of the best video editing apps for both hobbyists and professionals. It comes with advanced editing tools for features like trim, split, trim, crop, and more, making it easy to shoot videos.

In this application, you can rip and unmute audio from video, add selected, original or simulated background music, etc. or ending.

Application functionality

Fuzzy or unclear video background
Free video input templates
Huge collection of emoticons and stickers
More than 100 effects, filters and more than 50 transition effects are available.

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