The 10 Best Android Launchers of 2021

You can find launchers that allow your phone to mimic other devices, such as iOS smartphones (iPhone), or integrate your phone into your home or office ecosystem, or make your Android device behave like another Android device. For example, there are several launchers designed to give your smartphone the look of the popular (but expensive) Google Pixel.


All Android smartphones have their own launcher or support, usually the result of a joint effort between the phone manufacturer and the service provider. As you probably know, the default launcher of your Android device has a lot of custom settings, so many that many options seem complicated when you travel through the settings menu.


Unless, for reasons other than simplicity, it’s often better to let the launcher do most of the customization for you, rather than trying to adjust your phone yourself.


Below is a list of the top 10 Android launchers available. Again, there are over 275 in the Google Play Store. Some are free; some cost a few dollars; everything is easy to download and install and just as easy to deselect and then go back to the previous launcher or uninstall it completely.





My first impression when I saw the name of this application was that it was great in terms of loading features and settings. But it couldn’t be further from the main goal of the Big Launcher.


Instead, it’s designed for seniors, children, and anyone with trouble navigating and using the home screen and large icons. Oh, that’s fine, but that means big icons, easy to view, menu shortcuts, page content, and more.





Buzz Launcher differs from most other launchers in that it doesn’t manually customize your smartphone, but chooses one of many (over 700,000 at and over 1,000,000 online in total). – Define the home screens and related functions.


And if you create a Buzz Launcher theme or wallpaper (or both) that you’re proud of, you can download and share it with the Buzz community via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


This does not mean that Buzz Launcher has no settings. For example, you can create multiple transition effects, change icons, wallpapers, and home screens, but the real strength of this launcher is the speed and ease with which you can distribute ready-made home packages with all colors, themes, screens, start us. . , and so on.





Evie Launcher differs from the package in that although it offers an advanced set of customization features, it doesn’t try to be everything for everyone and therefore doesn’t overwhelm you with options. Ivy starts with a simple and convenient setup, which creates a home screen consisting of just four icons and closes the icon dock, leaving you with a clean cloth to work with.


Lightweight and fast, some of the Evi features include a customizable grid, universal search, quick navigation, and customizable shortcuts.




LuuTinh creates a series of iOS skins for Android, iOS 12 Launcher and iOS 12 Control, both typical of the iPhone in a way poor. Each of these makes your phone look like an iPhone and act like an iPhone to some extent. The editor says this:


“The iOS 12 launcher sets a new standard for the Android mobile operating system. This makes your phone better than before. And now it offers incredible possibilities for a launcher on your phone. The iOS 12 launcher makes your phone be the most powerful device, “personal and intelligent they’ve ever had.”

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