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College education, as you may have observed it, has not been easily accessible to a lot of people. Challenges faced by students and parents or guardians alike have forced them to reconsider their decision about college with other opting to just settle for a life without it. For students, the academic demands of college have been the biggest challenge of all with projects and assignments getting harder and with their schedules not helping at all. On the other hand, the finances that comes with college have been bothering most of the parents or guardians and even the students.

In line with this, more and more people have decided to settle for alternatives to college education and one method is through distance learning programs. The concept of online education has been known all around the world nowadays as a more convenient way of getting a college degree. Through internet courses, people can work for their degrees and finish college through online universities. Online education has been patronized by numerous students due to the better scheduling it offers because of its easy accessibility.

The distance learning program of the Dallas County Community College District is worth looking at if you are interested in online education. With its seven college network, DCCCD has been known to offer a wide array of course choices such as theatre, Psychology, hospitality courses, and more. Their courses also range from associate degrees to certificate and undergraduate courses. Aside from that, their internet courses can be accessed by means of using any internet-ready device making it very accessible and perfect for those who are pressed for time. DCCCD offers a lot of scholarship opportunities as it has its own foundation, the DCCCF or Dallas County Community College Foundation.

In honor of Bill Neal from the Richland College of DCCCD, the school established the Bill Neal Scholarship. It is a $500 grant for students of Richland College under the Physical Education program of the school. You must also be a first year student and enrolled at a 6-hour period in order to apply for it. You must also be in good academic standing to apply for the scholarship. Supplemental questions will be required to be answered while in the case of receiving the scholarship, the recipient must submit a letter to Mr. Bill Neal.

For the complete list of its requirements, you can visit which is the website of DCCD’s scholarship offers. In the same website you will be able to find other offers and the donors making these grants possible. Feel free to research more about the other distance learning programs offered by the school.

16 thoughts on “Bill Neal Scholarship”

  1. am a young zambian who jus completed ma secondary level. am kindly looking / asking for a scholarship to proceed with my further studies. your postive response will be highly appreaciated. thank you

  2. hello,am holding a national diploma in electrical engineering and I wish to persue a degree ,your grant will be of great impact & a pleasure to u

  3. Iam a Ugandan have ambitions of completing my degree of human medicine and surgery but lacked money to continue as I hold a diploma in clinical medicine and community health so my prayer is if someone out there can help me pursue this dream I will be very glad
    thanks very much

  4. Am Simon Brishman in MALAWI & I would like to be granted scholarship to do my MBA in nursing and midwifery

  5. I am an Ethiopian university student and want to study at abroad because of our countries poorness. please if you can help me now and I will reply later . if I get good education I have planned to support my country in multi direction.

  6. I am an Ethiopian university student and want to study at abroad because of my countries poorness and if get this chance I want to use it and develop my county as well as my self. I have hope I will hear a good tging from you.

  7. good day I am Honelyn from Philippines please do help me to continue my course I am A bachelor of Science in real estate student just a half semester I become graduate

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