Bob Cheney Nursing Scholarship


Recently, college education as not been that accessible to people as numerous circumstances proved to be very challenging to students and the other people involved in sending these kids to college. College degrees have slid further away from the grasps of students as academic workload increased in numbers and schedules getting more suffocating that ever. Aside from that, the financial obligations required by colleges have been getting harder to shoulder causing a lot of people to shift their plans about their college education.

Fortunately, a lot of concepts have emerged to help people reach their academic goals such as the numerous student grants out there. However, if there is one concept that is currently thriving really well in the world today, it has to be online education. Online education was formed as a response to the growing needs of people for more accessible college education and it is made possible through online classes. Internet courses can be accessed through online means making it a perfect way, for those who have other commitments, to finish college.

Online classes are offered by online universities like the Dallas County Community College with its seven college network: Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake, and Richland. The system has its own foundation to support it and fund the various scholarships it offers. The Dallas County Community College Foundation has been backing the college in its endevour of bringing online college closer to people by being accessible to a lot of devices such as smartphones and laptops. The courses also range from associate degrees to undergraduate degrees and everything in between.

Established in honor of one of its most respected professors, the Bob Cheney Nursing Scholarship is for students of Nursing in El Centro College in DCCCD. In order to be applicable for it you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 while compelting a minimum of 12 hours at DCCD and enrolled for 12 hours with 9 of those spent in El Centro College. There are supplemental questions required for theh application as well as a requirement for a recommendation letter from a faculty when applying.

For more on the scholarship you may visit In this website you will find the full background of the scholarship together with its full information and detail list. More student grants can be seen in the plays and feel free to explore the other online classes available in the school for you.

70 thoughts on “Bob Cheney Nursing Scholarship”

  1. I am a lady aged 25 .I have finished my diploma in nursing in 2017 and i am looking for a scholarship to further my studies in nursing.Currently i am practising my nursing at westgate clinic in harare ,Zimbabwe.

    I am kindly asking for the oppotunity to study abroad and further my studies .

  2. Am Brewster kasauka Daka from Zambia and cometed my diploma in nursing last year November and really want to firther my studies abroad please give me this scholarship

  3. am chilala mweetwa from Zambia I applied for bursary of February to study bachelor in economist, please I really want to study from your university. I will be waiting for your response

  4. Am kalenga Twaambo Geoffrey from zambia please am looking for scolership to do clinical medicine degree I already did a deploma here in zambia

  5. I am just finishing my high school this November.
    So I need scholarship to enable me finished then next I start university

  6. Am Florence from Kenya and I look forward to getting full scholarship in your institutions. I scored a B- in my final examination.Am looking forward to your consideration thanks in advance

  7. am a lady 24 years old i am having adiploma in medical records and health information looking forward to a full scholarship in your school an a ugandan east africa . if put into consideration i will be greatfull thanks

  8. I am jeylan kedir from ethiopia .i am 24 years old i am completed G 12 in Ethiopia from shashemane pp.I am looking forward to a full scholarship in your school. if you put me into consideration i will be greatfull thanks

  9. I am Asanda Ciki I pass my Matric in 2003 and also I do Management Assistant at Middlends College .i want to know do you offer a Scholarship for a Social worker because I\’m interested further with my studies.if you put me into consideration i will be great full Thank you

  10. please, can I be offered a full scholarship in your university to study for my first degree program. I will be very glad if my request is granted your attention and support. Thank you.

  11. Hey
    I am a boy aged 25. Pls can i be offered a scholarship in your university to study for the degree program,i will very happy if my request is granted your attention to support me.
    May God blessing reach this university.

  12. Hy.m Caroline aged 25.i am asking for help such as scholarship grants to study teaching and help me to get job in the government schools after getting my degree

  13. Am caleb nyairo from kenya studying in one of the universities. ready to take nursing in higher levels…….consider my application for this schorlaship

  14. I requested to study nursing science, I so much love that profession amd I want yo be one of the greatest achievers

  15. Hi,am Eddy Kimuli Uganda doing Dental Surgery Makerere University but am struggling financially am here by humbly requesting for a sponsorship in order to complete this course .
    With many thanks
    Eddy Kimuli.

  16. I am still waiting your support to get scholarship. I have held my Diploma in Nursing since 10 years but because of lack of accessibility to further education, I am still Diploma holder. please give me the chance

  17. I still need scholarship l. I am a teacher I have degree in science education. I want to further my education in special education

  18. I\’m 34 years old still a high school graduate I need help to fower my education I one to do public health as my profession.

  19. I`m interested to have this scholarship please I need your help I want to do analytical chemistry at coast institute of technology voi campus

  20. Hello.I am Rahma 27 years from Algeria. I have master degree of english language literature and civilization I m looking for a scolarship of PHD if possible to help me get a bursary am kindly asking for the oppotunity to study abroad and further my studies.

  21. Hi my name is Christian I\’m from West Africa Nigeria. I\’m really seeking for studies opportunity overseas, pls kindly inform me when anyone is available.

  22. am charlisius charles from a form six leaver since may this year.
    am really seeking for scholarship opportunity, please help me.

  23. Hi am Rachabedi Yunice
    I passed grade 12 last year 2017 with Bachelor,i couldnt go to school this year because of finances,please can i be offered a full scholarship to study Social worker at your university next year 2019,am looking forward to your consideration Thank you.

  24. I\’m a girl aged 19 the upper 6 child in Norton.lm doing agriculture .biology and geography .l want study agricultural science at university so can u offer me with full scholarship

  25. Dear Sir/ Madam

    We need training in Climate change smart agriculture in Mauritius to help the small farmers to tackle with its.

  26. Dear Sir/Madam
    We wish to inform you that our Federation regrouped more than 100 primary cooperatives societies around our island. They training to tackle with climate change.
    in this context we would be much appreciated if you make necessary arrangement to grant training facilities, accommodation to stay with free Air Ticket ang funding to help the small farmers.
    Kind regard,

    R. Kissoonah

  27. I\’m an undergraduate student and my program is Bachelor of Art, double major in Sociology and Social work and I want to make my degree in outer university and make my degree at your university

  28. Hello am a Kenyan high school graduate with high scores in mathematics and physics.Am looking for a scholarship to study engineering .Thank you.

  29. Hello sir.
    I\’m looking for a free scholarship and I don\’t have any budget to pay .I hope have chance to take the free scholarship.

  30. I have been craving to bag my bsc in nursing outside my country on scholarship grant… I believe this is an opportunity if you can help.

  31. I am Steve from Kenya. I would like to get a scholarship in your company I hope you will help I will study hard.Please help me.

  32. iam jacques i live in RWANDA i would like to apply the scholarship in your company i hope you will offer me some help and me i will study hardy

  33. Warm Greetings To who it may concerned,
    I am a Ni-Van ( Vanuatu citizen) and also bilingual student. Am really motivate into extending my ability to learn new things in order to achieve my goal. I\’m very interested in management and administration because its a great must for my country in order to develop economically and Independently.
    What Decision you make take to accept my request,I appreciated it and thank you for your gracious heart .

    Thank you kindly regard Jennie.

  34. Hi Kevin!!
    Yes! Finishing studies is my main goal in life.
    I really need your help to complete my education.
    Many thanks! God bless you all.

  35. Hello my name is Maho Dameye I am from Liberia a highschool graduate I want you people to please help me forward my education to another level please.

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