Bobbie Sherman Memorial Scholarship


A lot of circumstances have caused tertiary education to drift further out of reach from the reach of people. Both students and the ones funding their education have their own fair share of problems regarding college education. For the students, surviving college has been one of the biggest problems as projects; assignments, requirements, and the whole academic workload in school have increased causing a clog in their schedules. On the other hand, the finances haves also been too much to handle when it comes to college and this problem has already caused a lot of people to rethink their plans.

As these problems grew in number, a lot of people have decided to just look for other ways into getting a college education and one of the most known ways of doing so is through internet courses. The concept of distance learning has been patronized by people lately due to its convenience and numerous more benefits. Accredited online universities across the world have been improving in quality and giving better education to people. These universities also have a lot of scholarship opportunities to offer making it a perfect alternative to getting into a college.

The Dallas County Community College Foundation is an organization that supports one of these accredited online universities, particularly the Dallas County Community College District. The school has a seven network college formed by the following campuses: Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake, and Richland. Their internet courses can be accessed through different devices such as laptops and tablets. Aside from its convenience, these courses also offer a lot of diversity as they may range from arts to sciences and from associate degrees to undergraduate ones.

The Bobbie Sherman memorial Scholarship is offered by the El Centro College of DCCD. It was established in 2005 and is meant for students of El Centro College. The amount of $300 may be received by eligible students meaning they must have a 2.75 cumulative GPA. Aside from that, 15 credit hours must be completed in DCCCD and the applicant must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours. The application will require students to submit at least one recommendation from a DCCCD faculty.

For the rest of the information about the grants such as its deadlines and the like, you may visit In the same website you will access the full page of the scholarship containing its donors and the background of the grant.

126 thoughts on “Bobbie Sherman Memorial Scholarship”

  1. I am currently studying computer software and my financial situation is weak. How can I get a scholarship to study abroad. My dreams is to get a scholarship to study abroad for better knowledge and understanding. I am a Gambian.

  2. Hey am currently studying bachelor of social work at masinde muliro university of science and technology in Kenya my financial support is not very stable with the fact that I am an orphan am requesting for help and scholarship to help me complete my degree.Thank you very much.

  3. Hi my friend ,i thank you for your gitf in the world ,i need to offer me a financial aid because i find in the situation délicate ,i have finished my school very longtime ,that make 6 years .now i left my country Haïti for looking a better life but i can\’t find a work ,i have been 7 month withouth working .i need your help for eating ,for renting a house and continue my study in chile ,when i speak spanish .i thank you for that .God bless you.

  4. I wish to study Bsc. Actuarial Science but am worried about fees. I cannot afford. Can I go ahead and apply for admission then you can sponsor me?

  5. I am a junior student at the local community college in Liberia, major in biology, and minor chemistry. I need a scholarship to continue my study.

  6. I think this scholarship will help me a lot for my studies in saints Ignatius college in Pretoria and also my mother struggle a lot to pay for my studies because she is a single parent and I hope that I will get this scholarship

  7. Hi am Ann i have been given an admission to study a bachelor of law here in nairobi but am not financialy stable pliz i need your help becoz i have to join september of this year

  8. Greetings Sir/Madam, i come to plead with you to please assist me to further my education by granting me scholarship to study abroad. I am financially down and i need your help…

  9. Im angela maduro im in need of a full scholarship.i want to persue my degree in Law abroad so that i help inspire the world and my country that they can also do it through you

  10. I need of a scholarship too.

    Am studying accountancy and I dont mind any school. Please am desperately in need.


  11. I need a scholarship because I\’m facing real financial difficulties. I need a scholarship to study Agricultural science.

  12. I really Need a Scholarship to continue my studies because am from à poor familly but I don\’t want to give up my studies I\’d be delighted to continue Thanks to your Scholarshi. Thanks

  13. I have done master in health education. And I have desire to complete master in public health but not strong financial condition . I need scholarship.

  14. I am studying bachelor in Nepal.I want to inform you that I am earthquake victim in which my left hand injured now my left hand doesn\’t work and my financial condition is also very low I want some donation to complete my study and hoping of good job in future.this is my reality no any story create you can visit my home for the further investigation

  15. I am studying master degree in geosciences at university of Dschang. I would like continous by slant of your scholarship in field of geophysic exploration. Thanks

  16. I need to study abroad and I really need scholarship because I\’m facing financial problem I even drop out my course because I can\’t afford my fees

  17. Hi My name is Kadie Josiah and I have finished my high school I need a scholarship I will be honoured if I have it.
    Thank you
    Good Luck

  18. My name is Noncedo Nomveku I have a diploma in sport management I would be so honoured to have a scholarship to study Biokenitics abroad or any sport related field

  19. Hi my name is ladan Abdullah and I live Somalia
    I finished the hight school last year and I had financial issues for my education to be countuied and I love receive some day scholarship from aboard since I was garden 5 I love to study the environment

  20. Hello, My names are HITIMANA Donat, i live in Rwanda and i studied in University of Rwanda, in Real Estate Management and Valuation but i want to continue my study in master degree and i do not financial to help me. if it is possible to help me to in my future that i want to get to my target. thank you for your decision will be take.

  21. I am currently a pedagogist in geology but I need more information on this scholarship because I want to further my studies

  22. My name is damilare from Nigeria I will be glad if my request is accepted for scholarship to study in abroad for my master degree programme.

  23. hi am Emmanuel Okwan, I have WASSCE with excellence A1 in Business management and Financial Accounting. I want to read any course under public administration in the university but my dream will not come to pass and my my enrollment in the senior high school will be useless if I don\’t get financial assistance anywhere

  24. Hi I am zahid Hussain. I need scholarship for complete my future plans. I am poor but hard work student. I want to complete my study but I have no money to complete my study. I am student of intermediate. Please help me

  25. I want to do medicine anywhere provided a scholarship is granted to me I will be very grateful thanking you in advance

  26. Am Abel..I do need a scholarship to further my studies to be able to serve my society well..i\’ve done bachelors of education science..if helped will appreciate

  27. I rill need schorlaship because of our financial status being raised by a single mom and am only one who has got chance to study and my mom is now struggling to feed the family

  28. I\’m true deserver of scholarship because financial issue and Alhamdualil my acdemic level is also best
    I need scholarship for FSC to master level in engineering

  29. Am taking bachelor degree in sustainable tourism and hospitality management, currently in my final year but I have financial problems which might make me defer for the second time now. I really need a bursary in order to complete my studies.


  31. I need a scholarship please,i am in my second year in medicine and surgery. I school in Nigeria precisely university of jos

  32. I need the scholarship for masters degree on public administration,or human resource management,thanx hope you will consider me.

  33. I would like to study from abroad any where but I don\’t have funds to pursue a bachelor in education science

  34. my name is bruce wangadia. icant persue my career due to financial problem .I would to sturdy a degree in pharmacy.

  35. I want to study abroad anywhere and study degree in computer science but i don\’t have funds to pursue it.please help me to get a chance in your scholarship.

  36. Hi I\’d like do masters in Virology…with scholarships from Germany. I did a microbiology and biotechnology degree.thank you.

  37. I want to get a scholarship because I want to provide a better future to my family, they are my motivation, so, I really want to be a civil engineer, I really want it, and I can guarantee that I\’m going to give my all in order to get the best result, if somebody can help me… I\’ll appreciate, thank you so much.

  38. I am a kenyan and i would like to persue a masters abroad how can i get financial support.Kindly advice Thankyou

  39. I am a kenyan and i would like to persue a masters in conflict and security studies abroad how can i get financial support.Kindly advice Thank you.

  40. Hello, I am an Indian student. I have been offered admission in the University of Kansas and I earned myself the best scholarship there is. But still I find it hard to pay for my education there in US. I am desirous of receiving education there but my current circumstances won\’t allow me to do it. I need it. I need aid. Help me!

  41. My name is Rahel Melaku From Ethiopia..i have bachelor degree in civil engineering.. i would love to get scholarship for masters because i have financial issue to start my masters.

  42. My name is Rahel Melaku From Ethiopia..i have bachelor degree in civil engineering.. i would love to get scholarship for masters because i have financial issue to start my masters.

  43. Hi my name is Osei Brefo Winifred,a student of Ghana. I am yet to enter into university but mummy is having challenges paying my fees and that of my younger siblings. Due to financial constraints I could not enter into university last year

  44. Dear I need scholarship to study USA pls help me yo get hood education USA. I would like to study flight Management. Waiting to hear from.

  45. thanks fort the information am really grateful
    and in case of any scholarship for an architecture student, i will really need to be the one to take it up

  46. My name is yassin manneh.A citizen of The Gambia, am from a very poor background,a grade twelve graduate and I want to further my studies abroad in other to achieve my goals and the field I am interested in is law. Looking forward for your assistance

  47. Good day Sir,
    My name is Matoch Makur, relocating to South Sudan with Diploma in Human Nutrition from Cornell University in Ireland. However, I really want this scholarship and study abroad in Australia.
    I hope my dream would be reality soon through your scholarship programme.
    Many thanks,

  48. I AM QUALIFIED with MA In media and communications.I want to attend PHD in media and communications,can you help me to solve my financial proble?

  49. Hello my name is Mulualem Melase . I need
    scholarship for complete my future
    plans. I am poor but hard work
    student. I want to complete my master degree but I have no money to complete my
    study. I am complete my first degree electrical and computer engineering power stream, I want to learn Master degree in your institution please.

  50. Hi! Am a kenyan raised by a single parent and i did my K.C.S.E last year but due to financial problems am unable to proceed with my studies. (bussiness management) Please let me be part of those who will be joining in 2019 to study abroad

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