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The road to college has not been the easiest of roads to take these days. With numerous challenges arising in front of students and the ones funding their education, college education has become a luxury only a few can survive or afford. For the students, the evidence of increasing academic load can be seen in their congested schedules. On the other hand, the finances have been getting harder to handle also as tuition fees and other prices continue to increase.

As a response to this, more and more people have opted to just look for alternative ways in order to get their diplomas and fortunately one concept has really thrived the past few years. Online education has been a well-patronized concept these days due the efficiency and convenience it offers its students. Through online education, students can have a more flexible schedule as they can access their subjects online as offered by online universities. Aside from that, these online universities are also known to offers numerous grants for school that their students can choose from.

One of the accredited online universities out there is the Capella University. It is an online university that delivers quality education to its students. Their courses hail from different fields such as public service, business, heath care, and other more while offering them at different levels of studies from certificate to doctorate degrees. The university has two different learning formats online which are Flexpath and Guidedpath, both differing in pace, payment methods, and other more technicalities. As mentioned, the university offers numerous grants for school and one of them is the Health Administration Scholarship.

The Health Administration Scholarship is a grant that amounts from $1200 – $5000 depending on the level of the course. $1200 will be given to certificate recipients while an amount of $4000 and $5000 will be given to Master’s students and Doctorate students, respectively. The scholarship is applicable for Guidedpath courses under health administration such as MHA – Health Care Operation, DHA – Health Care Leadership, and the likes. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must first meet the admission requirements of Capella University and be a new student enrolled or accepted in the Guidedpath program. There will also be some requirements involving your FASAP and Academic standings.

Too apply for the scholarship, visit the page of the school at where you can see the full requirements of the grant. Once you’ve completed all the eligibility requirements, head on to the sire again and scroll down to click the “Apply Now” button.

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  1. please inform if their are scholarship programs for medical course as i really want to study medical in an international institude offering scholarships for Pakistani students

  2. I want to study business administration international I need a scholarship because I have none one to pay for my a double orphan from Zambia lusaka

  3. I have no funds to complete my bachelor degree in Business Management, that\’s why I need scholarship. Thanks I will be looking forward.

  4. Good day.

    I am interested in studying medical Secretary, I need scholarship to study international.
    Thank you in advance.

  5. Please i need a scholarship to continue with my bachelor degree in Business administration because i have no funds to complete my education.

  6. I have a dream of becoming a nurse one day but I stopped at senior school couldn\’t further lack fund. If I should get this opportunity I\’ll make the best use of it. Promise

  7. Hi my name is Emmanuel and a deaf person from Nigeria. I am 24years old and I am a high school student I have completed my high school on last two year. It\\\\’s my pleasure to join my university education on abroad universities. I am requesting for your financial support due to lack of enough money in our family and I wish to study business, IT or economics and any of your vacants. I hope my request will be considered thank you. I would love to further my study I need funds I am interested in the scholarship. please if I’m blessed let me get this scholarship I really want it
    help me to achieve on my dreams
    thank you.

  8. I need a scholarship or a sort of financial aid to study medicine and surgery I a reputable university because of a near absence of medical services a notable shortage o medical personnel in my community.


  9. I would like to study any course consists of health.for Example Social worker but I can\’t able to go further with my studies I have fanecial problem

  10. I really would like to study international relationships and diplomacy I have financial problems I wish alah to get my second degree second I wish to Türkiye

  11. Hi Sir,

    I need a shortship to do a degree in Business managment and Administrations. Secondly a Degree in Jurisprudence, law and justice studies. Please help me attend to study my dreamed degrees,

    kind regards,

    clotilda Claudia harry

  12. I want to study medicine abroad but my parents cannot afford to pay for my school I need a scholarship please help me

  13. I would like to study Counseling Psychology but I can\’t afford to pay the tuition fees. I am asking if I can be offered a scholarship to pursue my dream. Thank you.

  14. I have already place in malamulo college of health science here malawi doing medical laboratory science so i reserve my place for a year due to lack of fund .is it possible to asssist me for scholarship to contiue my dreams

  15. I wish to further my studies in engineering field but I no sponsorship, hence I would like to helped in terms of grand.

  16. hi i\’m a gabonese student, i\’m at the end of my first cycle (undergraduate) and i want to go on with my studies.. so i want know if they are any possibility to have a scholarship. if yes, how to do.

  17. Hi,
    I would like to go ahead with english and french interpretation .Please can I get a bursary for this. Thanks a lot for helping to achieve my dream.

  18. Hi,
    I désire to go on with my study. So, as I cannot afford my study , I come to you in order to get a bursary by grace in journalism investigation.
    Thank you.

  19. Thanks for this email. Iam a Liberian who is in need of scholarship to forth my education. Iam a graduate with bachelor in religious education. So please help me.

  20. Please i need a scholarship to continue with my bachelor degree in engneering because i have no funds to complete my education.

  21. Hello, I\’m student Elijah wamah living in Liberia I need a scholarship to end my education pls to who that is reading. I lose my parents so I\’m now doing all on my own so can anyone help me.
    This is my number again pls +231777928503

  22. Please sir I need a scholarship to obtain my first degree at any desirable university so that i can be come something in future and be like you.thank you.

  23. i have done my masters in chemistry i want to do MS/M.Phill in chemistry .. why i got scholrship for it in the universties of holland and aspecially in euorpe universties

  24. I need to study to improve more good English and good biology
    I need this scholarship I\’m an undergraduate student

  25. Hi I am Michael Dipa the founder and director of Dipa community feeding scheme which provides bursaries, scholarships and internships.I would like you to assist grade 12 graduate (Abulele Bengwa) by paramedic scholarship.

    Kind Regards
    Michael Dipa

  26. I have a patient at heart am currently a pediatric nurse looking for financial assistance to beef up my education in Public health and health promotions as these courses have a great impact in health systems as a whole.

  27. i have no funds to futher my studies after matricthat is why i am applying for this bursary and i will be glad if i get this bursary

  28. Iam a female aged 22years, I\’m undergraduate want to Study Interested in Nursing and Journalism! If you can assist me please I will be very greatful. Thanks! Scholarship Programmes.

  29. Please i need a scholarship to continue with my bachelor degree Accounting, because i have no funds to complete my education, please help me to bright my Future .

  30. i am studying information technology in debre berhan university in Ethiopia 1st year. i want to finish my education in scholarship programmes,if can help me

  31. I\’m Dayow Mohamud from Kenya , I want to do certificate in journalism in Australia I lack the resource to pursue with since am orphan who has no one to care for him please help me so that I can assist other God willing in a near by future

  32. Im Brenda from Zimbabwe and i wish to persue my dream in dentistry in Austrilia or Canada, if you can kindly assist me i will be truly grateful

  33. Am Yaro Benedicta from Ghana. Needs a scholarship to offer a masters Degree in Electrical/Electronics engineering.

  34. am Nobert am holding adiploma in clinical medicine and community health, i would love to do abachelors degree of medicine and surgery in any of these countries Canada , Australia and United kingdom
    with Gods guidance let me hope for your consideration

  35. Please i need a scholarship to continue with my bachelor degree physics, because i have no funds to complete my education, please help me to bright my Future .thankyou

  36. Good morning sir /madam please I want to continue my bachelor degree in Financial services to complete my education

  37. I wish to study law at an orphan I can\’t take myself to college due to finances.i completed school in 2013.
    Help me me with sponsorship.

  38. Hello hi my name abokor lm in Somalia ned scholarship health administration thanks ,,, l ned well

  39. hello am Nitsuhbirhan Asres from ethiopia .i have msc in adult health nursing and i need to study my phd on similar field i hop you will help me with free scholarship


  41. My name is Zewudu Birhanu from Ethiopia with BSC in public i want to study masters in any health related field but still zer is no reply for previous comment.pls share me and show any directions how to get and successful bc i have no zat much deep skills to go ahead. thanks very much.

  42. Hi i\’m Rochardin Alex Ngandziami i got my A\’level last year, i\’m also poor man but i want you to have the scholarship and help me to come into your country for going on my studies . I live in Congo Brazzaville please i beg your pardon to help because i really like going to school , my family\’s very poor .I rely on you don\’t le me down and this is my phone number +242 06 405 34 47

  43. Hi,am Dr.hunde garoma I do have medical doctor from Ethiopia and I want to continue in micribilogy ,I don\’t have access and money so am looking forward the scholarship

  44. Please i need a scholarship to continue with my masters in a University in America. I will be glad if my request is put into consideration.

  45. I\’m now facing many challenges due to parental incompetent financial support, pls help me ,I want to make them happy.Aremu suhaib adeyemi ,studying medicine and surgery, bayero university kano ,Nigeria

  46. salut titulaire de licence en comptabilité contrôle et audit.j\’aimerais continuer ma formation de master en finance pour pouvoir atteindre à la hauteur de mes objectifs .c\’est pour cette raison que sollicite cette bourse d\’étude.merci

  47. please i want to help you if i miss it!
    i want to learn Bussness journalism
    if it is possible to select my choice
    i want to the helpfull

  48. Dear sir / madam ,
    I want to do medical but I belong to a poor family so I want a scholarship grant to do medical
    Thank you.

  49. Dear sir / madam ,
    I want to do medical but belong to a poor family so i want a scholarship grant to do medical
    Thank you .

  50. I am vivian and i would love to get an undergraduate scholarship to study international relations at any university.Please help

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