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Nowadays, the landscape of college has truly changed but not necessarily for the better. A lot of challenges are being faced by students and parents or guardians nowadays when it comes to attending a college. For the students, the mere increase in academic demands is enough to push some of the kids to their limits causing them to explore other more options. On the side of the parents, the financial challenges brought about by sending someone to college is a very big concern that has for some people to take other actions in order to attain their degrees.

These circumstances together with other more have caused a lot of people to look for alternatives to get their diplomas and one of the most known ones is through online schools. Online education is a concept that a lot of people have embraced due to its practicality and convenience. In online education or distance learning, students can work for their diplomas through internet courses being offered by online schools. Distance learning classes can be accessed any time and anywhere making it perfect for students who are also committed to other things.

In line with this, an example of an online school that you can choose to apply for is the American Sentinel University. The university is an accredited institution by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission or DEAC. The University offers different accredited distance learning classes but its focus is on the field of health care as proven by its strongest course which is nursing. Being one of the online schools out there, ASU provides its students with a flexible platform as well as 24/7 student support services.

As mentioned, the school’s forte is on the field of health sciences as proven by one of their strongest courses which is Nursing. ASU recognizes the effort exerted by registered nurse and as a way to give back to the community, the Nurse Appreciation Scholarship was developed. It is open for registered nurses who have been in service for a decade already or more, and are planning to take further studies in the field. The scholarship will cover up to $450 per course which means a total of $2340 may be saved. The scholarship may be applied in M.S. Nursing, MBA in Healthcare, and Doctorate bridge courses in nursing practice.

To apply for the scholarship, visit the university’s website at where you can also see the rest of the details for the grant. In the webpage you can request for more information also by filling out the form located in the lower part of the page.

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  1. Hello my name is Dominic jatta , a technical student who graduated from st Peters high school. I am aiming to study engineering , please help me.

  2. hello my name is ntuthuko masuku i want to study the marketing management but i failed to cover my cost please help me

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  4. I need help please am Robert nyirenda I wants to study psychology science but I failed to paid for school I wish you to assistance me than I return back money if I I fishing my course if start work.

  5. My name is Paul Muchima a school lever, i really want to study Accounts,please help me on how to apply for a scholarship and how to go about it.i will be very grateful if am given the opportunity.

  6. I\’m glad to get this opportunity to apply for a bursary and I\’m a good person who live with my grandmother so I am bag your help. I want to finish my studies at college 🎓

  7. I\’m glad to get this opportunity to apply for Bursary. I\’m a person who live with grandmother so my grandmother they were not able to take me to study at college. Please help me

  8. Hi am Sylvia Magqabi I want to study at varsity doing my Diploma in Management majoring in Public Sector Management, I seek help for study fees please assist urgently.

  9. my name is Matthew w Tokpah, I have BSc degree in general agriculture, I will like to get a full scholarship to study nutrition or livestock management in China

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  11. Hi my name is Emmanuel and a deaf person from Nigeria. I am 24years old and I am a high school student I have completed my high school on last two year. It\\\\’s my pleasure to join my university education on abroad universities. I am requesting for your financial support due to lack of enough money in our family and I wish to study business, IT or economics and any of your vacants. I hope my request will be considered thank you. I would love to further my study I need funds I am interested in the scholarship. please if I’m blessed let me get this scholarship I really want it
    help me to achieve on my dreams
    thank you.

  12. Hie, my name is Tinashe Mazani aged 24.l have National CERTIFICATE in Diesel Plant Fitting but due to lack of financial support l couldn\’t proceed. I would like to study Plant Engineering or any other engineering programs.
    I will gratefully appreciate your assistance in this matter..

  13. I\’m jeroline from Cameroon. I\’m an undergraduate and wish to apply for this scholarship but I don\’t know how to go about with it

  14. Hello, I am Ebenezer Hanson from Ghana pursuing Bachelor of Art in Social Sciences in University of Cape Coast (Ghana). Please I am suffering in paying my fees and I don\’t want to drop out from school so I beg you in the name of God, please help me complete my course. Thanks be to God and thank you all.

  15. Hellow I\’m Pule Ramanyaka from Lesotho. i have completed Diploma in General Agricultura, so I need help, how can I get scholarship to study Animal science in China

  16. Hai my name is DAURA Emmanuel looking for a bursary because of lacking financial,am a person holding a diploma in public administration and now wants to advance to masters.

  17. hello am a Ugandan boy 18yrs. I really begg for your mercy to get me a scholarship in nursing please. its my whole life dream to be.

  18. I have BA degree in Economics from Arba minch university and know I studied Development Economics (Msc) in Ambo university. however to study international trade by Msc or Phd in Development Economics

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  22. Please, I am a Fresher into University of Port Harcourt But i am having challenges with my school welfare and some other school charges Please i kindly need a help from you. Thanks i Anticipation.

  23. a continuing student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Techology pursuing a diploma in Business Management.Paying for school fees is a challenge.Kindly assist me to get a scholarship.Thank you

  24. I am Mosco ovie am a Nigerian male I look forward to studying screenwriting as I have written some movie script and also law.. But I can\’t because of financial setbacks as i intend to further my studies in a foreign country with a better educational facility.. I will appreciate any help I get

  25. I\’m Ram from Cameroon, i wish to further my education.I am undergoing an under graduate program in physics.wish to proceed with post graduate program in applied physics but no finance.Please help me.

  26. Hello, i am Mayang Deng Gai from South Sudan i\’m a science student study Engineering petroleum but i am still in high school aiming to study that kind of job. because its one of ma dreams. I just need to go outsides country, to live a better life and find a bright future or build ma dreams. I just need helps from anybody who wanna the person who have nowhere to go…But by the almighty Father i will gets the good person at the right times. If you all the way up to help me thats my name MaYang DG just type it on your facebook search and find me out.

  27. Hello! I\’m Gelane Kumssa from Ethiopia. I\’m graduated bachelor degree by Animal Science and masters degree by Animal Production. Now I am looking for PHD

  28. My name is Beatrice,am interested in Diploma in early chilhood education and development,but can\’t pay for it.kindly assist.

  29. My name is Meseret Balku Berenbab, from Ethiopia. My first degree is Marketing and Sales Management Education and Masters Degree is School Leadership. I want to attend PhD courses in Educational Leadership and management in my local University. To attain my dream I have faced financial shortage. Would you help me to attain my dream? What kind of possible way do you consult me?

  30. am desperately in need of scholarship in engineering courses, electrical/electronics precisely.

  31. Hello my name is Allan Raga, from Papua New Guinea (PNG) I\’m a grade 12 leaver because of school fee problem, I\’m looking for a scholarship to do my further studies,for the betterment of my future.

  32. Hey am by names of Vianney Walusimbi, I forward my grants to receiving a scholarship for my further studies

  33. Hi there, my name\’s Alieu A.Kaipahn, I\’am a Liberian from west Africa. I\’m desperately in need of scholarship in studying sociology, but don\’t have the financial strength. I need your assistance.

  34. Am a Architecture graduate with upper credit from the University in Ghana. It would be a great pleasure if I could be granted scholarship to study msc abroad. Thanks

  35. hey! I am Fatima jumani from Pakistan
    I have completed my matriculation . because of some domestic issue I can not afford my high school fees
    Thank you

  36. Hi am marry from south Africa I completed my ancillary but I can\’t afford to go forward with my education due to domestic issues.. I can\’t afford any payment for the fees
    Thank u

  37. Hi am Macdonald from south Africa. i completed mi bachelors degree in Sociology, am aiming to pursue a postgraduate qualification in Social Sciences. i cant afford any payment for the fees, please help.

  38. May 3, 2018 at 9:29 pm
    I need a scholarship to further my studies and create a better and brighter future for everyone

  39. i\’m Bizimana Simon from RWANDA i need a scholarship to furter my studies and create a better and brighter future for everyone

  40. my name is ishimwe mizero aime olivier from RWANDA ,i studied mathematics chemistry and biology ,i need to study medecine becouse in our country there is problem of luck of doctor and i have no financincial support ,please help me

  41. It will be a great pleasure if you give me this scholarship and i would be very grateful because i always wanted one. Thanks

  42. I\’m Duresa Mude from Ethiopia .know I\’m civil engineering student in one of Ethiopia university but I can\’t to continue because I haven\’t school payment if I hope I get this scholarship.

  43. My name\’s Hamse muhumed I\’m undergraduate student school of social science and humanity
    I wanna study abroad
    Please help me

  44. I\’m Mlungisi Ntsele, a current student of university of kwaZulu Natal,I wanna study at Canada or England, governmental studies or teaching in order to brighten up the future of youth.

  45. Hello,i am Moses Andruda from Uganda and would love to attain a scholarship to study civil engineering or interior designing from abroad. Though currently in second year pursuing Bachelor of Science in computer engineering but faced with financial issues.I hope to attain this scholarship to brighten my future and give back to community.thanks

  46. My name is Mussie Haddish working as a child rights unit head, a graduate of Sociology & Anthropology. I need to study for MA degree in Development Policy, Public Policy, Development Studies or Development Sociology. Please! help me in getting a full scholarship for one the mentioned fields of study.

  47. my name is innocent Mwendo, i\’ve a state diploma in social technical.
    i\’m totally unable to continue my studies.
    please, i look for a scholarship.

  48. Good day Sir!
    I\’m Matoch Makur, relocating to South Sudan with Diploma in Human Nutrition from Cornell University in Ireland.
    Iam so much interested to get scholarship because I have been experiencing financial hardship right from when I graduated from Cornell University.
    I hope my dream would be reality soon through your scholarship programme.
    Many thanks,

  49. Hi…aqsa here I\’m from Pakistan I have done my fsc from jcw Peshawar one of the top colleges of kpk now further I want to continue my dental studies abroad can u plz help

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