PhD in Education Dissertation Scholarship


As more and more challenges continue to emerge, the road to college has not been the easiest to take. For the students in college or planning to take it, the academic load itself has been the biggest obstacles to get though as requirements continue to duplicate in numbers and increase in difficulty. For the one funding their education however, the financial obligations of sending someone to college has been the biggest concern as the prices of fees and materials all continue to increase.

In line with this, a lot of people have decided to just look for alternatives in order to reach a college degree the most known way of doing so is by having your college education online. Online education is an idea that was developed as a response to the demands of people for a more accessible and convenient way of having your tertiary education. Online universities are the one responsible for offering online courses to its students and these subjects can be accessed anytime and anyhere therefore offering a lot of convenience.

The Capella University is one of the online universities you can apply for should you consider taking your college education online. It is an accredited online university that provides quality education to its students through its two learning formats, thee Flexpath and Guidedpath. Flexpath is a self-paced, pay-per-session online learning format while Guidedpath is a pay-per-credit format that has its own pace that you follow. The Capella University offers courses ranging from certificate to doctorate degrees, in 54 degree programs ranging in various fields. All in all, the university offers a diverse amount of quality courses in flexible formats.

If you are planning to take you PhD in Education in Capella University then you may consider applying for the PhD in Education Dissertation Scholarship which amounts to $10 000 spread out over five quarters of $2000 each. In order to be eligible for the grant, you must be able to meet the admission requirements of Capella University for the program and be accepted to it. You must be in good academic standing and be in an eligible standing in FASAP. To apply for the scholarship you must accomplish the online admission application form and apply for the scholarship in the website.

For further inquiries regarding the scholarship, head on to the website of the school at where you could also find the methods on how you can contact the school. The rest of the requirements are also in the same webpage and you can download them for future references.

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  1. I realy like the schoraship but i need to study fashion,decoration & designing. How can i get the chanche of the scholarship?

  2. Thanks for this scholarship, I will like to study information technology if u may help to get this scholarship sir.

  3. Hello… i would like to get this scholarship to further my studies in Civil engineering…. i have N6 I want want to do the S\’s at the university… your assistance will be highly appreciated

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  5. That is very good chance but can you help me in terms of tuition fee I\’m now in the second year bachelor of pharmacy at campala international university Tanzania campus? Because I want to drop because my single parent can not pay for me and I have no financial support with a very big debt of last year…. I ask for your help

  6. I would like to proceed with my education but due to financial quagmire I\’m stuck am requesting for your support, now am doing certificate in Theatre Technician

  7. I will be pleased if you can grant mea sscholarship to advance my studies in management science. Specialising in human resource and project management

  8. Hi am Fumbah Siryon. I am very much interesting in this program but I don\’t have the material to do this online study because presently I am using my phone I do not have the money to buy computer. I need a help to continue my education

  9. I have an offer letter to study Master\’s in mental health but do not have the financial means to end the admission process. Can you be of help? For your attention please.

  10. I would like to study forensic science and I\’m struggling financially, so I\’m looking for a scholarship

  11. I would to continue with my studies in the pharmacy profession.
    I attained a diploma in pharmacy in 2013
    will glad for your cordial financial help.

  12. I am Isaac Ribeiro, from Ghana. I need full scholarship
    To continue my study in college
    Because no one supports my study
    I really need help.


  13. I glad you have contacted me with this beautiful offer. I would like to be considered indeed for a sponsored degree programme.

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  15. I am Aisha from uganda would like to pursue my masters degree in procurement and logistics or cips on scholorship program

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  17. Hello sir. ..
    Please send me some information about the scholarship and how can I process the registration at the scholarship. ..

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  22. Thank you for email me.
    Hi, I\’m Moh. Ruslan from Indonesia,. I graduated one year ago and I want to continue my study to Master Degree in TESOL Program because my major is English Education but unfortunately I\’m from simple family, so that I have no budget to do it, then, I really2 thank god if there is kind person who can help, guide, and show me information to achieve my dream. Thank you so much.

  23. I have obtained B.EB in Basic Education, M.ED and Mphil both in educational administration and management seeking for Phd in human resources management. How best can you help me . Thanks

  24. I have gain university requirements because my parents can\’t afford to pay my tertiary fees. I really need granting aid to further my tertiary education. I just want to keep my dreams of been a lawyer alive. If you grant me this scholarship I will be very grateful.

  25. Hy, I complete a BS in education. and I gain a 3.14 cgpa in this program now, I want to gain a scholarship of MBA. plz, guide me which of the scholarship is best. thanks

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    If yes, you are a beautiful person.

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  27. Hello,my name is Yohannes Alemu from Ethiopia and recently i took university entrance exam.I score good result and I am interested in engineering so please help me to study engineering in your university.

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