Student Scholarship

Online education is a no longer a new thing students. Students are now aware they no longer need to go to a four-walled institution before they can earn their degree. They are aware they no longer need to burn petrol nor transport fare in order to attend class somewhere within a walled compound. Everyone who’s at the stage of seeking and earning a degree can now do so online – from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere they deem comfortable to sit and learn for their degree.

Yes! Online education has opened the door for more learning opportunities. People who never thought they could advance their academic career or earn a degree can now earn chase a university online degree or pursue and online master degree from the comfort of their sofa.

Online universities, as good as it may sound also have some trailing cons though. But these cons are less compared to the numerous advantages of enrolling for online education and earning a university online degree or an online master degree.

One of the ‘cons’ of going for a university online degree is, signing up at a non-accredited online university. It can be painful to know you have succeeded in wasting your time, energy and funds in earning an online master degree from an online university which is not accredited and this directly mean that your certificate is worthless and may not be acceptable in the labor market.

But this can be avoided.

As always advised, carefully take out your time to scrutinize the accreditation of any online institution you wish to enroll into. Sometimes, just checking if they have the accreditation emblem is not enough as some of this mill institutions put fake accreditation emblems on their online platforms to mislead unsuspicious students. After ensuring they are accredited, the next plan on your list should be on how to get scholarship and grants to help you earn your university online degree or online master degree. There are many scholarship info online for one to check and confirm if they can apply for certain scholarships. Some scholarship info you may want to look up is the CEA Scholarships, the IFSA-Butler Study Abroad Student Grants, or even the CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships. Other scholarship info one may check out is the International Studies Abroad Student Bursary (ISA), USAC Scholarships and other scholarships offering to help students study abroad by 2019.