The Chilean Government Bicentennial Scholarships are now available to students from the Republic of Chile who desires to be part of a masters degree online or PhD degree programs at the University of Auckland. The Masters degree programs in importance areas: Water Resources, Disaster Management, and Digital Transformation. Of course, is necessary that all applicants are able to speak a perfect English. This scholarship not only covers the flight tickets from Chile to New Zealand, but also the complete tuition fees of the selected degree programs and living expenses in the nation. This scholarship is aimed at all fields and careers of knowledge, so that graduates, when they return to Chile, apply the knowledge acquired and contribute to the scientific, academic, economic, social and cultural development of the country. Among the benefits of the scholarship is the payment of tuition and fees for the study program, monthly amount of maintenance […]

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  Accounting is one of the popular online degree courses nowadays. It is easier to impart accounting knowledge compared to other college courses since it is more of a desk job. It uses a basic computer program like MS Excel unlike IT courses that use different program language. Accounting can be thought one on one approach or in class set up which makes it a good fit for distance learning education. Notice that many schools and universities have listed accounting degree course in their online education. They have seen its potential of becoming big online since the course itself is highly beneficial to many people from every walk of life. Those in the business field will agree that accounting plays a big role in the business development. The target students of this type of college education online can be business managers, administrative personnel, and also those who aspire to have […]

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