Money for Student

You need money for everything; Food, Housing, even Education. Without money, you cannot attend school and get a college degree. However, having no money for tuition is not a big problem anymore. College Scholarships and College grants are there for you whenever you need support for your dream to become a College Degree Holder. College Scholarships can be found online nowadays and having them is not that hard anymore, as long as you have the credentials to have one, the College itself may grant it to you without lots of demand.

Some of the famous College scholarships are offered by Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. If you cannot afford to go through this schools, try scholarship grants like Federal Pell Grant, Rotary Foundation Global Grant scholarships, or The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education, (TEACH) Grant Program. There are a lot more that you can choose for.

Now, if money is not your main problem and your main reason for not attending college is the lack of time, lack of presence, and disability, then you can go and explore more about Distance learning Programs. Distance Learning Programs or Online Courses can help you achieve a College Degree even without physically attending college. This is designed for a person who does not have enough time to pursue college yet still want to get a degree.

Online College Course or Online Schools can also be found on the internet now since a lot of websites like Udemy and Khan Academy offers variety of courses for different subjects. You can learn the basics as a preparation for your ultimate College Degree from these Online Schools since this Internet Courses are usually complete with lessons and references. Udemy offers Certification courses too for a very low price.

Other online schools or internet course that you can check is Lynda of Linkedin. This website offers variety of courses with certifications that you can complete in a span of 1-20 hours each. Less hassle and you can go at your own time. The internet is a magical place to go now. Explore and you can find tons of free courses that can help you achieve your goal.